I think difficult child is coming down with something

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    We left school at 3:05, went to the bread store (fortunately they still had one loaf of white bread left), dropped easy child off at her vehicle at the garage, made it to difficult child's 3:30 chiropractor appointment with 5 minutes to spare. We then went to K-Mart which is across the parking lot from our grocery store.

    I needed to give Sunday School materials to someone who works at the grocery store's pharmacy so parked near K-Mart and walked to the grocery store. I told difficult child that he could go into K-Mart and I would be there soon. He had made a small indication that he did not want to go to the grocery store.

    Once I arrived at K-Mart, I found difficult child to let him know I was in the store. He looked a little pale. He made a mental wish list from the electronics dept of items he wants for Christmas and then found a birthday gift for a Friday party and a birthday gift and Christmas gift for his chapel partner.

    He then asked me to go to the hardware dept with him to let him show me what he would like to get husband for Christmas. I told him I would be there soon. Well, I completly forgot and walked right past that area in search for easy child. difficult child followed me and reminded me that I was suppose to stop there. I was looking at some toys to help easy child with babysitting gifts. difficult child sat down on the floor to wait for me.

    We then walked back to the hardware area and difficult child kind of hung on me. He wanted to go home but we needed to wait for easy child to finish her shopping. I tried to help fill his time by asking if there was anything at this store that he would like to buy for his teachers for Christmas so that is done. He found a Starbuck's coffee set for easy child also (She is so addicted to Starbucks!!).

    difficult child was just not himself in the store. He seemed a little agitated and started to demand that we leave NOW! I told him that easy child is almost done and that I think his anxiety is rising. He needs to calm down and get control.

    When we got home, he made a pumpkin pie. He wanted to make whipped cream and needed pumpkin pie to serve it with. sister in law allowed him to help make it at Thanksgiving and he remembered how.

    While studying for a Social Studies test, he told me that he turned into a whale during math. What? The other kids told him he sounded like a whale when he yawned.

    I told him he should do shower or bath tonight and go to be early. He is so tired. I just don't see that this is from the weekend but could be (just doesn't feel right). As moms, you know we can tell the difference between tired for tired and tired for sick. He looked and acted more like the tired for sick tonight. He asked if I would make a nice warm bath for him and make up his bed.

    The back of one of his knees is bothering him. He told me he was a little scared about it but that he will be o.k. He then went to bed.

    I wonder if he will be sick tomorrow? Hopefully it is just the weekend catching up? I do feel that he understands his anxiety is rising because he is tired and not feeling well. Time to dig out those coping skills tools again.
  2. Jena

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    hi, i'm sorry he had a rough day and is out of sorts. maybe he is just coming down with something this time?? I guess you'll know in the a.m. when you see how he is doing.

    i know what you mean about the anxiety thing. difficult child gets it absolutely everywhere, it's strange i've actually gotten used to it. i dont' react that much anymore, I help her and calm her yet when i think of how upset it used to make me years ago and how i handle it now, wow like day and night.

    let us know how he's feeling tomorrow. hope he isnt' getting sick.
  3. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Thanks Jennifer. Looks like he is getting something. He just came out and said he was afraid because his body is stiff. Sounds like flu or bad cold like symptoms. He does cough a very little bit - not much - not enough to consider medication.

    I haven't heard what the latest virus is going around or how it effects people or how long it lasts.
  4. Jena

    Jena New Member

    i know we had a bad one around here, stomach virus thing aching body, low grade fever thing. all the kids in school were getting it. amazingly not difficult child. go figure.

    i hope he gets rest tonight and so do you.
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    He just updated me. He thinks the chiropractor did this because the base of his neck is stiff. I asked if the chiropractor adjusted his neck (today was the 1st time I did not go back with him). He said he did not know. I told him that he would know if his neck was adjusted because he would sit in a chair for it. difficult child has witnessed my neck being adjusted (he used to beg to go with my appointment just to watch that).

    He did not have his neck adjusted and I reminded him that it is common for your back to be stiff after an adjustment. So, that may be it for the stiff body? I will wait for another update and then ask questions such as what exactly is stiff?
  6. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    When you said that he sat on the floor of the store, that caught my attention. My difficult child would complain up and down about a stiff neck or back, but he'd be all over the electronics dept.
    How long has he been getting adjustments? If it's only been a wk, then I can see being sore, but if it's been months, it would be kind of unusual, I would think.
    I think he did really well, considering how long you were there. He's got way more patience than my difficult child!
    I sure hope he isn't coming down with-the flu. I hate, hate, hate those body aches. I always get aches at the base of my neck and in my lower back when I get the flu. Those are my weak spots that I get adjusted at the chiro, too, so it's like my body exhibits pain there first, no matter what.
    I LOVE the whale comment! :)
    Let us know in the a.m. how he feels.
  7. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Miss KT would have sore knees and be dragging a bit when she was getting ready for a growth spurt. Hope it's nothing too serious.
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    I'm with Terry - he did a lot better than my difficult child would have done in that amount of time!

    A mother usually knows when her child, no matter what age, is coming down with something. I can look at my kids faces and see "something coming".

    I hope all is well this morning ....

  9. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    This morning he is stuffy. He states his knee is getting better, his neck is a little stiff, and his head feels funny. He has gotten up to put puppy outside and seems to be in normal spirits.

    He gets adjustments about every 8 - 9 weeks. He is tall and lanky. I don't understand or remember a lot of things but the adjustments have something to do with his height. It causes him to not have the best posture so these adjustments keep his back straightened and growing correctly. I have to remember to remind him to stand/sit straight.

    I think his head feels funny because of his cold. He is not complaining or asking to stay home so off to school for him.

    Sitting down in K-Mart was truly a sign of how really tired he was. He just does not do that. I think he was too tired to argue, demand to leave, or cause a tantrum all of which he would try if he was just bored and wanted to leave.

    He still seems tired this morning. I will send him to school as long as he is not refusing. He has trumpet lesson tonight at 4:30 and then we can be home for another early to bed.

    At this moment, he is in his room wrapping Christmas presents.
  10. Jena

    Jena New Member

    good morning,

    oh, that's good no sign of fever yet or any vomitting is always a good thing. i just wnated to check in this morning quick and see how he was doing.

    I hope he manages thru his day at school and has a good day. I'm still working on getting difficult child up lol. the increase in medications makes her almost impossible to get out of bed in the am.
  11. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    O.K. Gotta go! difficult child is chanting "I don't want to go to school!" Better get going before it escalates!

    I'll be on soon if he gets his way. (secretly I wouldn't mind staying home today and preparing the living room for the tree).
  12. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    It sounds like he's got a little something but getting up in the a.m. is always hard. Sigh.
    Good luck!
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I hope he starts feeling better soon. Sitting down in a store is problem a big sign that something is wrong. Even if he goes to school you may want to skip trumpet if at al possible. It may be just too much.
  14. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    I called the chiropractor today. He said he only adjusted hips and lower back. He said that for some reason the neck and hips go together that it is common that when the hips get loosened that the pressure on the neck is more noticeable. The pressure was always there, just not noticeable. He suggested making a rice bag by putting rice in a sock. Heat the sock for 2 min in the microwave, apply to neck for 5 minutes and stretch the neck.

    The chiropractor also said that several people this week have been fighting off something.

    I was at school at 12:40 to help with the 2nd graders so was able to talk to difficult child. He was playing a very energetic game of football catching with three other boys. I asked how he was feeling and he said his head had cleared up and he was feeling better. That is good because he was facing a Social Study test after lunch.

    He is now outside playing with the puppy. It is so cold out! After an early supper he can do home work and to bed early tonight. If I make supper at home, he can do homework while I cook. Otherwise Subway might sound good for tonight?