I think I am facing a day of ????

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Jul 12, 2008.

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    difficult child is out of sorts again this morning.

    Yesterday he did incrediably well - especially in the 1 1/2 hour sitting at the car dealership - no problems at all! He was happy spending the time checking out each car in the showroom and sitting staring at the collector's cars. He only asked twice if we could get one - I reminded him that we needed to get baseball pants and he accepted that. :)

    He had just a few minor things to discuss with therapist. Anyone know about a stress eraser? therapist had difficult child work on one while there and he got up to 77 in about 15 minutes. therapist stated that was great. They cost $300 - I think I will consider it for his birthday? therapist stated the head feeling weird is anxiety and to start the coping skills (we are used to his anxiety being the self harm thoughts so difficult child will need to start remembering that this is also anxiety).

    The neurologist is very happy with how difficult child is doing. She also agreed the weird head is anxiety - she stated headaches and migranes would have more pain to them.

    At the hearing docs, great news - no more hearing loss. Whatever was picked up three months ago is no longer there.

    We were in a tornado watch much of the day and difficult child got very nervous and scared about possibly driving home in it. We went to the mall after hearing doctor to meet easy child who handed me a swimsuit to purchase. We then went to Scheels - Special Olympics was having a hamburger/hot dog stand fundraiser so difficult child got a hamburger. It was so good that he bought another one and I also got one on the way out of the store.

    Then home for difficult child to let the neighbor dogs out and to run to the farm with dad to pick up the trailer.

    I don't know how to explain difficult child today - We decided he can not go with dad to the lake because dad will not make sure he is back in time to watch the neighbor dogs this evening. (GRRRR). He did not like what I made for breakfast so layed down at the bottom of the stairs and moped/whined. He said something to me and I told him he could not talk to me like that, "Well, you won't make me real food so I can talk to you like this." (another GRRRR) I told him to let me know when he was done eating and I would help him clean his room. He took puppy into my bedroom (big no-no) so of course husband complains to me because puppy is in our room. I was in the laundry room. When I came upstairs, husband said he was taking difficult child to Fleet Farm to help load the trailer.

    I am so close to making difficult child go to the lake with husband but that may turn out disaterous in difficult child's current mood (or it may just be what he needs?) Ohhhh, I just don't know!!! I want to keep an eye on what is going on so I think I will keep him home and get him busy with his room - once it is cleaned, he will probably spend a little time rearranging his collections. If the weather stays nice, maybe I can take him to a ball park for some batting practice (as well as slidding practice?)

    Oh well - Here goes whatever - When difficult child gets back from Fleet Farm, I better get him busy!
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    Andy, I like the idea of baseball pants instead of a car! LOL.
    So sorry you dont' know which way the wind will blow today. That is so often the case with-our kids.
    You must be in the Midwest with-your tornado watch. My little sister is in MN and she said last wk, no one got any sleep. And after the sirens go off to many times, everyone ignores them after a while.
    Maybe the next time your difficult child brings it up, you can just remind him that you would pull into the nearest shopping mall and seek shelter there. A car is the worst place to be. Usually a concrete plan is a good thing for a kid to focus on.
    Batting practice sounds fun.
    Best of luck.
  3. BestICan

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    Hi Adrienne,

    Obviously I'm missing a post somewhere, I don't recall reading about the "weird head" and I don't know why your difficult child is seeing a neurologist. But I wanted to mention that "weird in the head" is exactly how my difficult child first started describing his seizures, which he was fully aware of and conscious while they happened. Seizures and seizure auras can be incredibly difficult to describe, ranging from feelings of "unreality" to extreme fear, or even a feeling like you're flying. There's no pain with those.

    Sorry if I'm way off base - just wanted to mention it.
  4. Andy

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    Thank you!

    Terry - we live in Northern MN - pretty much nothing between Fargo and the town we live on the freeway - skies cleared by the time we headed home - it was a good lesson that he definetly worried about nothing -

    I think South of us had a rocky week last week - I understand about the sirens - ours have malfunctioned a few times - Thursday at work we were directed to follow the storm plan - it was so confusing - every 5 min we would get a different announcement on the radio - I think the one saying, get to shelter was automatically played every so often even though the threat had past so we would have the announcer saying everything was done and two minutes later, watch and warnings to get to shelte.

    BestICan - difficult child was having migranes and auras last fall/winter - the neurologist is sure these are a migrane varient but because of the short length of the aura's we started looking at seizures - then all symptoms disappeared - I think it was because of the clonazepam which is an anti-seizure medication (prescribed for anxiety also). He has slowly been taken off Clonazepam with the last .25 daily dose given yesterday. It does make sense that these can be anxiety with the clonazepam withdrawal but I am also going to keep an eye on the possible seizure if he does not adjust to the termination of the clonazepam. It is normal to have an adjustment period and at this point I would be more concerned if he started having the auras again - if he doesn't "adjust" or if auroas start up then back to neurologist ASAP. Thank you for your input - it helps me so much to be pointed in this direction - as things go well, I tend to forget all the possibilities even when you guys have told me.