I think I just punished me, not difficult child!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Castle Queen, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Castle Queen

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    Woke up this morning and a form for football pictures lay on the kitchen counter. Asked difficult child, when are pictures going to be taken (thinking I would have time to select which package to purchase). Today! Well, difficult child had a game yesterday and didn't shower afterward. In fact hasn't showered since Sunday...you can about imagine. The not showering has been a persistent issue with him, but Basket B so far. I did tell him if he didn't shower I wasn't going to buy pictures this year. (Payment is due at the time they are taken, otherwise I don't think they even take the individual photo) I guess it was too much of a transition for him because he refused. :sigh: I had to leave for work, left in tears. I've had a picture of him in his football uniform since grade 4...this year may be the end of the line for football anyway, he can't stop smarting off to the coaches and is rather small for his age. (yes, I am convinced the ADHD medications stunted growth...)

    I'm sad.
  2. TerryJ2

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    Ohhhh, I'm so sorry. I've had moments like that.
    I wonder if there's a makeup day?
  3. tiredmommy

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    You can always take him to a studio and have pics done in his uniform before the season in over. JC Penney and Sears often have package deals.
  4. Confused

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    Castle Queen, Hugs and Im sorry. We have missed some things too- whether it be accident or like you said not purchasing something no matter what if they haven't done something important. But like TerryJ2, and tiremomy said, maybe a make up day or the studio idea?
  5. Castle Queen

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    That might be possible! Might lose the opportunity for a team picture, but I'd at least have something. I would imagine they have makeup days for parents that just simply forget to send forms/money and weren't engaged in a thwarted attempt to get their kid to take a shower. They have all kinds of photo items now you can purchase from player cards to keychains to calendars...perhaps I'll just purchase a photo for me and not those "extras" difficult child seems to value...