I think I'm going to lay low for awhile...


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If I don't post for a week or so, don't think I've croaked of old age or completely lost it. I may be making the decision to
show easy child/difficult child the door. There has been so much cumulative stress
lately that I need to fall back and regroup.

So.....don't worry. I'm shoring up my detachment 201 lessons and
I study better alone. DDD


DDD, I wish you strength. I feel my legs getting wobbley and my spine crumbling just THINKING about how HARD it must be to send them away.

Also, I'm almost 99.9% certain I'm going to be facing the same decision with my son at some point in the future. Sad...

Good luck...


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I too understand the need to give careful thought and quiet meditation to certain decisions. Hoping all things work out together for good for your easy child/difficult child and family.

with care,