I thought about some of "our" kids today...

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    at church. The children put on their Christmas play and we put on a potluck and had a party. The kids played games, made crafts and frosted cookies. I always bring too many so we had quite a few left over.

    One of our parishioners approached me and asked if we could make a plate to go. I said yes and asked where they were going.

    To the jail.

    This woman and her husband visit prisoners regularly and thought it might be nice to bring a holiday treat. The woman smiled and said "because everyone should know they are loved at Christmas."

    So today a group of easy child's and difficult children decorated over three dozen cookies for someone's son/daughter/mother/father/sister/daughter/friend/neighbor/co-worker. :)

    I think my Christmas spirit is coming back....
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    As a parent of an incarcerated difficult child- Thank you from the bottom of my heart! A local church does some things for the boys where my son is- they come and give fellowship services, food when allowed, and at Christmas they are donating thermal underwear. The boys are not allowed anything but army fatigues that they wear to school and VERY thin sweats that they wear every other time. Parents are not allowed to send/take any clothes (even underwear) to their kids. But for some reason, the church can donate these and the boys can wear them. Department of Juvenile Justice is MUCH stricter than adult dept. of corrections here. My son has been sick the past week and we've had colder than usual weather for this time of year, so even though the church can't take the thermals before Christmas, we are all grateful that the boys will have them later this week.

    Your thoughts and consideration and contribution to these difficult child's is very appreciated!!
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    Thanks K, but it really isn't me this time. This married couple goes out every few weeks and they talk with the prisoners. They are lay ministers so they can offer Eucharist from the reserved sacrament. It was this very lovely woman and her husband that made a difference today, she gave the kids and myself an opportunity to serve. :)
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    This is why xmas is my fav holiday. Yes there are alot of scrooges out there, but over all people are going the extra mile to be nice to each other and find ways to make someone happy, even if it's just for a day.

    I was visiting mother in law a day or so ago. Her room is filled with gifts other people (complete strangers) have brought in for her. Some were simple crafty (and quite adorable) xmas decorations and other more practical things like shampoo or an afgan for her to keep a little warmer.

    While we were visiting a group of carolers were making rounds from a local church. I haven't heard carolers since I was little. I watched mother in law's eyes light up as they approached her room. They stopped singing long enough to wish Merry Xmas and mother in law was thrilled to wish them one back. She was beaming. mother in law loves xmas. :)

    Usually it's the small acts of kindness that reach out and touch someone's heart the most. How thoughtful of this couple, and how nice of your kids for helping them with the cookies.