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    Despite a difficult beginning, I'm ready to actively work on achieving my weight loss and health goals.

    I have the best opportunity right here with you all. This support is off the charts amazing! I have felt like a kid with her face press up against the candystore from the outside as I've read these posts. Well I'm ready to come inside, well not to a candystore but to align myself with the goals of this group. My weight is starting to seriously bother me. I have never weighed this much in my life. Fat clothes are tight. I've long since given away the smaller sizes. Not if but WHEN i get back to a good size for me I will go shopping. That will be one of my rewards.

    I have 20 pounds to lost. On my five foot frame that's more than what it sounds. I'm like a little apple on stick legs walking around lol. I think I will break it up into 4 goals of 5 pounds each. First five maybe a pedicure. Second five a massage. I am working on the rest but a shopping trip for new clothes and makeup sounds good.

    I commit myself to the official "weigh" ins. My desire is for 2 pounds a week. So I'll weigh in with my starting weight on Wednesday.

    Thanks for "listening". It helped me to write this out to someone who I knew would read it.


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    Star* call 911........call 911

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MICHELLE - you little apple stick person you - ROFLMapples Off.

    You never left - you just strayed from the herd. No shame in that - sometimes the grass does look greener. lol


    Gooooooooo Michelle
    Gooooooooo Michelle

    Go go Gadget arms - I swear my brain is wired wrong.