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    This probably doesn't sound like a big deal to most of you. Given the fact that my body hates me it is a HUGE deal for me. One of the problems has left me with bones that are soft. They hurt a LOT and do not want to support me well.

    So I don't really go anywhere or do anything much. Small things around the house are about it other than going about 1 time every few weeks to walmart or if we are at a doctor appointment then to sams.

    I got an online coupon for the store that was 25% off one item. Holidays are coming.

    I walked around this store (used to be a dept store called TG&Y or AIM). then went up and got a manual wheelchair. husband patiently pushed me around. Then the wheels locked so I got him to bring a cart for me to lean on.

    The "big" things we bought were Heroes season 2, after the coupon it was $12!!! And a college tote bag for under $9 for husband's sister.

    So nothing big. But an outing, none the less.

    Next I will venture to the store to get some prices to compare at sams. Need to stock up for the holiday around the corner, Know what I mean??
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    Have you done the Glade Tins thing at Target? OMG too much fun. :tongue:
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    I love great bargains!!! I just found a cool build it yourself rollercoaster that glows in the dark, you can build it 7-8 different ways. A silver marble is the "passenger". It woops around the to beat of your mp3 player that you plug into it. It is a gift for easy child for Christmas. Cost me $20. Her mp3 player was only $30 (she doesn't need fancy, she's only 10). I was pleased.

    I have all the Heroes seasons on dvd and they are well worth the cost! I can't believe you got them for that price. WOOT WOOT!!
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    I couldn't believe the price either. I am going back tomorrow to get the 4th season of Greys anatomy and look closer at the other videos. I was really really sore at that point.

    This place has some of the most awesome deals. Last year it was coach and fossil and dooney and burke handbags at 70% off retail! Plus perfumes at that price and many other things.

    Right now they have urban outfitter and coldwater creek and a major department store for clothing deals. I saw croc brand mickey shoes (instead of the circles you get mini mickey mouse heads) for $5.99 in kids sizes. Too bad thank you just went into a mens 7. He is not yet TEN!!!

    Anyway, I love that store. husband says he knows I have been really really bad thiss last 9 months or so because I haven't gone there even once in that time. Talk about withdrawal!

    I watch deals.ucker.com for mp3 players. Last year I paid $19 for a 2 GB Sansa. This year I almost bought a 1 gb mp3 player for $6. It was the cutest frog shape, but not a brand I know.

    They are a good place to keep an eye on for online deals.

    Also, have you tried gottadeal.com? they have a HUGE black friday section, and other awesome deals throughout the year.

    Happy shopping!
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    Awesome! Good for you. It always feels good to get something special and even better when it is CHEAP!
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    How cool! I love finding bargains too. I hope your body eventually comes to an understanding with your brain and harmony results.