I won, their changing approach

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Oct 4, 2010.

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    i won the battle with-hospital. difficult child is officially on a liquid diet. they will slowly ease her into food. she recvd. her first therapy today, both with-therapist and also with-all the integrated pyscho therapy groups with-her peers.

    the relief in her voice made me cry. i hung up the phone and felt this overwhelming sense of relief that i haven't felt in years.

    they finally listened.i've battled with-schools, etc. yet i've never battled this hard. so, now the work can finally begin. the relief in her voice i wish you guys could of heard it. i hung up and balled for about ten minutes.

    all doctor's at home sent all doctor's too so they dont' beleive ex h and think i'm nuts, so now god willing she will get the medication and helps she so desperately needs and have needed for so long now.

    you guys got me thru this huge bump. i appreciate it more than words could ever say. i ran to my easy child ea. night after hospital. we have a long hard road ahead but at least now things are as they should be for her.

    tmrw i get to so easy child and husband and my dog i miss. i'm so excited to see them, a bit nervous to leave here yet i know now she'll be ok.:D
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    It's been a struggle, Jen, but the liquid diet should make it easier.

    I'm glad your ex's outburst isn't being taken seriously by them. In a way it was a good thing to have happened, now they know where he is coming from.

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    Jen, that is great news! It helps so much for difficult child to find a way to feel comfortable with this. How did the insurance issue come out?

    It is so good to hear the relaxation you are feeling right now!

    How often are you going to be able to go back to visit? Can you send her cards so she gets mail every few days?
  4. hearts and roses

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    This is great news! Don't worry about exh - they will figure him out for what he is and it won't reflect on you in any way. After all, you are the one seeking help and advocating for your daughter, not him. Hang in there, you're doing great. Take a breath, enjoy your visit home and let them do what they are supposed to be doing with difficult child...iow, don't rush back, go back strong and refreshed. Hugs, I"m so happy for you and difficult child.
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    That is great! I am so happy that the program listened to you and is trying a liquid diet first. She should get enough caloric intake and nutrition now without the anxiety of choking. I know how you feel to some extent, although my situation was not as extended as yours. My oldest son (now 20) had something similar after his first ever bout of strep. He lost 5 pounds from his 32 pound body in 5 days. We did Ensure and 4 months of twice weekly sessions with a feeding specialty psychiatric who worked with him on not being afraid to swallow. It was not talk therapy because he was only 5 years old. He was ultimately diagnosed with PANDAS and this fear of food was a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) linked to that syndrome. For several years, whenever he'd get strep, he would refuse to eat until the antibiotics kicked in - sometimes for as long as one week. (This is not my ODD son, this one is slightly Aspie but not ODD).

    Anyway, I really hope that your daughter will progress quickly in the program now that they are adapting it to help with her needs and that she will be healthy and able to return home soon.
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    oh wow its' same thing pretty much. i'm glad to hear he got thru it ok, and that's cute that he gets nervous when gets strep. such a little person at 5 to go thru that. their so cute when their little aren't they? yea difficult child is still very confused something is wrong with-her throat. word is they may be ordering a swallowing test next for her. she overheard the conversation and if they dont' do it she'll push them to. she'll fixate on that now.

    i sat tonight with-husband on phone and said oh man can u imagine if they did it and there was something medically wrong? lol. oh sheesh....... not funny but i have a very sick sense of humor it gets me out of alot of stressful situations in my life :) than he clicked me back into reality and said honey about 2 months ago she was adowning a hot dog at coney island. hmmm thanks for reality check. :)

    i call nurses station ea night to make sure she took medication and fell asleep. their getting used to me, so tonight they were like she's good Jen sleep good. i have really fallen for the girls in the program. they just touch me each time i see them. their so kind and sweet all struggling. ea. time one of them gets a pass to go out they return with-a little gift for each other kid. it's absolutely adorable. yesterday was a stress ball difficult child got and today was nail polish.

    so i'm hitting 99 cent store tmrw when i get home and getting all the girls something. i have to say it is the children with whom make that program what it is. truly. it isn't the staff or the program it's the unity of these kids all struggling together that warms my heart from day one. one kid is leaving next week, her mom and i have talked a bit and will exchange numbers. i know difficult child wil have a hard time saying good bye to them as they all go she's so sensitive.

    i had 30 minutes with-her tonight. she didnt' comlplete the ensure until 8. it took her three hours. it was the best 30 minutes id' had all week long. we played two quick games and than we just laid in her bed together and i held her to me and i asked her about what good things her day brought her. we do highs' and low's each day. she's just such an amazing kid. i'm a more tired and stressed person from knowing her yet i'm a better person for knowing her in so many ways.
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    So glad to hear things have taken a positive turn. Maybe now you can get some much-needed rest.

    You and difficult child are in my prayers! :praying:
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    Whew! A well-won and well-earned battle victory.
    Get some rest.
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    i couldn't sleep last night. got 2 hours and gotta get on road for 4. difficult child is upset today she knows i'm heading back home for a day. i'm not looking forward to it and husband and i had an argument already regarding bringing kids up tmrw night and him saying they'll get back to late adn have school the next day. my answer is so waht they'll survive one day. it's not like a typical situation here. and she needs to see them and is looking forward to it since we told her last week she would.

    so, overall dont' want to leave i'm good here in my hotel room alone right now. i dont' like being that far away from her.
  10. susiestar

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    I know you don't like being separated from her, but it will be okay. It sounds like she is doing very well. In many ways you are right about it being the other girls there that make the program. Being with others who have the same problem really helps you work through things whether the issue is a feeding or eating disorder, drug problem, or anything else. heck, look at how we help each other here. It is really nice to hear the way the girls all think of each other!

    I am so glad they have changed her program - the forced eating is totally the wrong approach. I really hope it hasn't made it that much harder for her to overcome this.

    I hope you have a good drive home!