I'd let him hang if I thought it would do any good...

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    but I really do not believe that it will.

    difficult child 1 has a music festival today. I had to drop him off at another school at 7:30 this morning. I asked him last night if he was supposed to wear his black concert clothes. He didn't think so. I asked again this morning. He assured me, no. I even checked the email his orchestra teacher sent out about the event (didn't indicate one way or the other). Then I learn that he left his violin at HIS school, so we have to make a stop there. Of course, the music room is locked (because everyone is at the OTHER school), so he has to run around and get help for that. We finally got to the other school and I saw other kids dressed in black attire. He assures me that they are a more advanced group.

    Not two minutes after I pull away, he leaves me a voicemail that he screwed up, he WAS supposed to wear concert black and he needed his clothes. So I text back asking what time his group goes on to perform. No answer. I call. No answer.

    husband happens to be home today for an 8:45am doctor appointment. He agrees to take the clothes to the school so I can get difficult child 2 and his carpooler to their school on time. I get home before he returns from dropping easy child at school, round up all the clothes that are scattered all over his room, dig out the black dress shirt that needs to be ironed, quickly press it and run downstairs, shove it all in a bag and hand it off to husband.

    Then husband calls and can't remember how I told him to get to the school where difficult child 1 is. :slap: I shouldn't be surprised. This is the man who gets lost in his own neighborhood.

    I'm going to try to laugh about this today, because staying as mad and frustrated as I am now just won't work.
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    I'm so glad those days are over in the 3S household!
    Don't you have a chicken coop that needs to be cleaned, some toilets that he should scrub, Oh! Let's not forget the WEEDING?
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    Been there and still doing it.