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    Is the sd case worker supposed to do more than funnel information and keep things documented? Would I be asking or expecting too much to think maybe they could note when I email medication changes or anything else that could effect difficult child's performance at school or anything they should keep an eye out for? Should it be the case worker or the regular teacher or the collaborative teacher that raises a flag if difficult child is getting zeros for classwork in a class he score advanced in? Or is it supposed to be me that intitiates changes once I find out about it? (We're talking about in middle school- 7th grade- with IEP.)

    Edited to add second question: Should they just take my word for it if I tell them that "this tactic works better than this tactic when dealing with difficult child" or that he needs a safe place to go release some energy sometimes- or is it the norm to have to take a therapist or advocate for all of these things? The things I'm suggesting are based on "The Explosive Child" book or bipolar IEP example. Really, it seems like one by one everyone is challenging my honesty and competence as difficult child's parent. What is wierd though is that I have fought more than anyone to get him help, I've always supported him, never abused or neglected him, never had boyfriends in (or at all) who came in and did bad things, so it has to be their way of retaliating (they know this would shake me up- or maybe it's just a good offensive is their best defense)- or, I'm just wearing a sign on my forehead that says "challenge me- I'm a doormat".