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    We went with ED first and OHI second. difficult child truly meets the ED guidelines to a T, and then also has issues from OHI. I researced them, took comments form the the board, and got the IEP teams' input (they were great to work with) and stated I wanted to go with the above guidelines and it was set. We added a few more interventions, like homework help at school if he needs it as many times he will not accept husband or my help. I have reg ed and Special Education teachers' e-mail and will e-mail them if he needs help. It does not happen often so I really do not want him pulled from class every day. I know reg ed teacher checks her e-mail quite often, so I am comfortable with the protocol. He also (and his teachers) have a break pass for either to use if they need it. Teacher can use his break pass for him and send him to the Special Education room. We will also work with getting him to be accountable for his actions when he does have an office referral (I know, good luck) and try to get him to see others perspectives as he usually only sees his own. I do not know if it will work, but I do believe the school staff wants him to succeed and so do I. I think we will have him start therapy soon, in a month or so, I have to get some therapist names from psychiatrist. I will probably also see about therapy for easy child, as it is hard for her to deal with husband and difficult child.
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    Sounds like you were well prepared. What a good meeting!

    Music to my ears.:redface:
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    I'm glad it went so well. I wish it happened for everyone. Knowing your rights helps in most situations.