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    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry had to get that out!:grrr:

    Went for IEP re-evaluation 2day with my inhome therapist and my CMO case worker. The head of the Special Education department was there, the man is an arrogant, condecending $%#$^#$.

    I have three letters from 3 different Psychiatrists that state difficult child II needs to be in a theraputic school with medication management. He is still in the IOP program at partial (1/2 day school - 1/2 day partial).

    Basically the *%#$^#$ said that becasue difficult child II was fine in the class that they have, which meets all state educational requirements (a self contained BD class with zero curriculm and zero theraputic enrichment and a teacher thats a froot loop) that the letters meant nothing. The fact that difficult child II was hospitalized for homicidal threats and acts, don't matter either, becasue he's fine when he's with them. Which is why when he was self mutilating himself, they felt no need to call me!

    The $#%#^% was rude to my CMO worker and point blank said, "if the dr.'s feel he needs medication management then CMO should pay and have him placed residentially!" One minute the guy says my son is fine with them and deserves and education in the least restrictive enviroment, and then he suggests my kid be locked away in a residential program!

    I am truly enraged and frustrated!:soapbox:

    I need to fester b4 taking any further action, but a mediation is coming at some point. Because I nailed this man between the eyes and said "when something bad happens while he's in school, you're accepting full liability and responsibility?" his response "of course"
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    I am sorry this is so frustrating and I know it is. At the moment, I have two comments:
    Make sure you have a record of the liability statement. If you were not tape recording the meeting, send a Memo of Conversation. If uncorrected, then it stands as fact. You have *&(*&(*& in an awkward situation because if your M of C stands unrefuted, he has accepted liability; if he refutes, he is admitting that difficult child has lots of needs. In any event, he is liable for difficult child's safety as are all schools. However, hospitalization puts him on notice that extra care is needed. Obviously he doesn't get this. I can assure you I would NEVER have heard such a statement in my litigious SD.

    Second, I sound like a broken record, but you MUST get SMART goals written into the IEP. No less than the Supreme Court has stated that the IEP is the "center piece" of SpEd law. Therefore, you need measurable goals and if the SD is not achieving BOTH academic and emotional goals, then you have PROOF that a change is needed. This approach is heavily support in the 2004 reauthorization, and parents need to use the "scientifically based" and "measurement" options more in my opinion.

    See for information about SMART IEPS

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    thank you for the advice, I will be mailing the letter tommorrow, I had thought of tape recording the meeting, but decided last minute to forgo it, I wish I hadn't being the $#$%#^# was so rude.

    But today I got a letter from the superintendant of the schools, stating "it is now required that each district have a Special Education Parental Advisory Counsel. Email (his secretary) if you're interested"

    I emailed her and already got a response on a Saturday! I can not wait until the 1st meeting when %$##$#& walks in and sees my smiling face!!!
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