IEP tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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    So tomorrow we find out if my son qualifies for the IEP. I have been anxiously waiting for this for six weeks. I am going to pray that he gets it. Normally I hate IEP meetings and I come out of there feeling a little crappy after hearing all the negative things they have to say about difficult child 1 (her's is next week. a transitional IEP, oh joy.) I have no idea what to expect with difficult child 2. I am anxious to see how his test scores come out. I am expecting him to test pretty high acadamically, something I hope is not going to get in the way of him getting it. I have no idea how the other tests are going to come out. I am especially anxious to see how he scores on the Asperger's questionaire. I am pretty sure he has it, and psychiatrist thinks so too, but I'm curious to see what the school will say. Their austism rating scale was a bit different than the one at psychiatrist's office. Anyways, I hope I can sleep good tonight. difficult child 2 is still suffering from insomnia from the Intuniv so and he didn't get to sleep until three last night! When he finally did fall asleep, our new little kitty got hyper and kept me up till the alarm clock went off. I hope we all have a better night's sleep tonight. Good thing is, the IEP isn't until nine thirty tomorrow so we can all afford to sleep in a couple of hours extra if needed, IF I can sleep at all. Well anyways wish us luck!
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    Good luck. Even if THEIR autism scale is different, you can always argue that psychiatrist says he is even if THEY don't. My hope is that his behavior as noted during observations was "bad" enough to justify services. The problem is going to be if they qualify him under EBD, he might not get the kind of services he needs to help with the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) issues. That's the problem we ran into.

    Sending good vibes your way for a positive outcome for difficult child 2!!!
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    Hope you get a good nights sleep. I second what TeDo said about if they don't qualify him Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to get the psychiatrist to write a letter saying he is. We did this with difficult child 2 and difficult child 3.
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    Good luck!
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    The things us parents go thru to get kids services I went so far as to let Angel eat cheetos for breakfast to get her Occupational Therapist (OT) services in 6th grade. If think they are going to try to strong arm you have a thick folder in middle of your briefcase clearly marked "DUE PROCESS" don't pull it out or talk about it but make sure they see it LOL I use to keep blank paper and a bunch of office joke handouts in mine anything to make it look like prepared for war. Must have worked because only asked for what we needed but always got what I asked for.

    Almost forgot GOOD LUCK!
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    Wishing you all the services you can possibly get! Hope they are a good group, wanting to give him lots of support and help! THere really are some good ones out there. Let us know how it all goes!
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    How did it go?