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    added or revised to the IEP before I sign it, do they HAVE to get all 9 people back together for a formal IEP meeting, or can they just call and ask the most important people that have to be in agreement in order to revise it and send me a new one to sign?
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    I have had additions and deletions added to the 'general' text of the IEP with-o a meeting. However, if you want changes to the 'official' parts (supports, placement, modifications) then you can get paperwork for 'changes to the IEP without an IEP meeting'.
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    I read it more carefully yesterday afternoon and saw that the vo-tech was listed as a way to help difficult child meet his goals this year. I wrote a letter to the iep coordinator in response and said that I realized their resources were limited, being a Department of Juvenile Justice school, but I asked that part (mentioned twice) be changed to discussions about college entry requirements, comparing college programs and costs for a few colleges and exploring the possibility of going to a coommunity college first then transferring. Then I mentioned a couple of other things (the typical college entry exams and links/assistance with financial aid forms) and said I didn't know if it would be appropriate to pout that in this IEP or not since difficult child will not be doing those things this year.

    Hopefully, that won't be too much for them to change without a formal meeting. Some staff are already having these discussions with difficult child so I'm just asking them to put it in writing and remove the path to vo-tech because they have specificaly listed that twice as a path to meeting his goals and that his goal is college.