If it's Friday, It's Free Choice Day!!! Good Friday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :coffee: Good Free Choice Friday Morning!

    I just couldn't sleep this morning - a few gusts of strong wind woke me around 4 am and I just couldn't go back to sleep. By 4:30 I was having my first cup of coffee (chocolate glazed donut!!!!).

    Since I'm going to class at 6 am, I figured I would catch up on what I missed at the Olympics last night and pop on here. I've been having some computer issues and some software issues so I haven't been around much the last two days.

    easy child and I are going to hit the mall when it opens this morning. She has two birthday gifts to buy and she wants to go to Urban Outfitters. I want to hit the Apple store so I told her I was hip on the mall as long as we got there when it opens. Don't like those crowds - get in and get out! Going up to school after lunch to do a little book fair work (comes in next thursday) and then, unbeknown to difficult child, I'll get him out an hour early during study hall this afternoon. He will be thrilled!

    I hope your Friday is a low key one and that your Free Choice is great :happyguy:!!

  2. Marg's Man

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    Gday All,

    Marg is home.

    I'm doing the post that everyone wants to hear. I'm doing it because she's still on phone to her family five hours after we got home. Sorry guys you have to be second.

    They took two sentinel nodes from her armpit and got the tumour out cleanly. Of course she is sore and has to take things easy for a couple of days. The nodes were clear of cancer when checked by frozen section but the pathology will be repeated in detail over the next week or so before she can be considered completely clear. We will probably find out when she sees her specialist sometime next week.

    The she starts radiotherapy for five weeks. I am arranging to have that time off so I can take to the hospital for treatment.

    She will tell you more when she logs on.

    Marg's Man
  3. timer lady

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    Morning all,

    Sharon (ldm), are you talking chocolate donut coffee flavor? Or coffee with a donut? I can do one but not the other. Have fun at the mall.

    Marg's Man, thanks for the update - it's greatly appreciated. Give Marg our love.

    Up, moving & kt is refusing school for the 3rd day running. Something very ugly is happening even as we speak. Ick!

    I have piano lessons this morning & hope to catch up on all the chores/paperwork I had intended to do before kt started the downhill slide.

    Have a good Friday - that you find some of those free choices Sharon keeps talking about. ;)
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Sharon-Sounds like a nice surprise for difficult child to get out an hour early! Enjoy the mall-I'm with you I don't mind it when it isn't crowded.

    Marg's Man-Thank you for the update! Glad to hear everything went so well:)

    Linda-I'm sorry kt is refusing school and you are having to deal with all of this. I hope you are able to still get to your piano lesson!

    I was able to sleep in a bit due to it being a teacher convention day. After the convention we are dropping difficult child off at respite (he still has it for Feb. and March) and then heading to a wake. A woman husband taught with for years passed away. She was only 63.

    Later I am hoping to get to the health club.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. crazymama30

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    Morning all!

    Sharon, that chocolate glazed donut sounds good, but sorry you had to wake up at 4am. Hope the mall isn't too crowded.

    Marg's man--glad the sentinel nodes were clear, that is great news. Hope the recovery and radiotherapy goes well. Radiotherapy can be exhausting.

    Linda--sorry kt is refusing school again. Hopefully you can spend some time on the piano or with your artwork to renew yourself. Take care of you.

    Sharon--I am glad you are getting difficult child to respite to get a break. Hope you and the rest of the family have a good time.

    I work today, but think I will call in all weekend with my fmla for husband. I will get off about 4pm today, so that should be safe but I am leary to leave the kids with him for 12hrs tommorrow and 8 on Sunday. He is getting more manic every waking moment. The most recent purchase was new bikes for the kids, I woke up to see them in the living room! difficult child is doing a bike ride at school, and I think that prompted the most recent purchase as difficult child's bike was very old and worn. difficult child did not even ask. husband's psychiatrist does not work Fridays, so I think we will try to make it through the weekend unless things get really bad. I guess at least I will get some rest!