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  1. Wiped Out

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    that by posting this it will help me feel more accountable today and I'll deal better with my eating challenges.

    To start this morning, we are meeting our reading buddies and having ice cream sandwiches (I'm going to try and skip this).

    Then it's back to my classroom where we are having a going away party for my student teacher-I'm bringing doughnuts (this was planned before the ice cream sandwiches). I'm going to try and skip this.

    On our staff today two people are turning 50. One group is buying a sheet cake for one, and I picked up the three cherry pies for the other. It will all be in our lounge as well as the cake from our staff meeting yesterday. I'm going to try and skip all of that but we'll see.

    Then we have our pot luck picnic. There will be chicken and ribs, sub sandwiches, pizza, munchies, desserts, and fruit. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain there.

    Tonight I planned fruit, cheese, sausage, and crackers for dinner thinking I'll probably only eat the fruit.

    Then I have to make brownies for difficult child's class. His birthday isn't til next week but school will be done by then.

    Think I'll be surrounded with enough temptation for the day? Wish me luck!
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Holy sweet tooth batman!!!!!

    Why is it that all our celebrations center around food????????? Come on Sharon, you are the WW person - why do we do this??????

    Good luck remaining strong and making good choices. I would pass on the ice cream, donuts, cake and pie and enjoy something at the picinic. I would go for the chicken - although I bet it's fried huh? - or maybe the sub. Here's to staying strong!

  3. KateM

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    Sharon, that's alot of temptation!! Good for you to post and have accountability!

    This is why I love WW -- you can eat anything as long as you keep within your points (as well you know, Sharon!) Just make a plan and calculate what those points are. Good luck avoiding all that temptation!
  4. KateM

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    Forgot to add -- Do you have something packed for the parties that have few healthy options? WW cookies and cakes are good treats and I love those Fiber One granola bars ( delicious and 9gr of fiber!)
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    I have a chocolate Fiber One bar every morning with my coffee!! I buy the 30 count box at Costco!!!!!

  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Well, I survived without doing too much damage. I didn't eat the ice cream sandwiches or the donuts. I did have a very tiny piece of the carrot cake.

    At the picnic I had NO desserts, lots of fruit, a small turkey sandwich, which was good. However, I also had some cheesey hash browns and pasta salad with a mayo base. I didn't eat a lot of either though, just a little.

    It is interesting that so many celebrations focus around food. Why? I'm not sure. I know when we were little many celebrations were centered around food!

    by the way, I love chocolate fiber one bars-I have one every day with my lunch!!

    Just knowing I would check in with you made me keep myself in check! Thanks Sharon and Kate!