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    Thanks to all for the time reading and responding to my very long thread about developments with difficult child. I think it may be time to let that thread fade down the list. Really, after all the twists and turns, I'm concerned about all the detail I've revealed in the thread. I never thought it would turn in the direction it did. I have no reason to think anybody I know is lurking the forum, but if I were wrong, we would surely be recognized. I don't regret anything I posted, because I never would have gotten the new insight without your feedback, but at this point, I'm wondering if a moderator could possibly make the thread disappear? If not, at least a lock so it won't bounce back to the top?

    I'm checking into the various angles suggested, plus another that I thought of on my own. I've been able to investigate the CPS angle without reporting anything, just to find out what would happen if such a report were made. The answer is absolutely nothing. The risk definitely outweighs the benefit of this angle AT THIS TIME, but I'm not ruling anything out for later. It takes A LOT for CPS to become involved, and at this point there's not enough.

    Meanwhile, I'm working on the doctor angle as well as poking around for more information.
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    Deleted by klmno, just to be on the safe side for EB.
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    Klmno, no worries there. It's helped me a lot to hear all the different viewpoints. That's what makes this board such a great place to bounce thoughts around.
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    I will go look for it now and move it for you.