I'm toast.

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    We have been going and going for weeks now: Duckie was in rehearsal for all of November with shows the first two weeks of December. Then the big holiday prep started. Duckie's asthma has been erratic with problems for a day or two then bouncing back. husband has been either using up vacation days or working from home. We've been bouncing from holiday event to holiday event. My planned day off (Christmas Day) was diminished by Duckie staying up and us only getting 2.5 hours sleep (it's hard to relax when you're exhausted). Her behavior has been as erratic as her asthma. I've been seriously grieving my kitty we lost last summer and feeling horrible & guilty that I don't feel grief-strickened about the first Christmas since my mother died. And I have a cold.

    So I brought Duckie sledding with her cousins today. There is one girl 11 year old K, Duckie age 9, twin sisters S & age 9, and twin sisters Mi & Ma age 4. Cousin B, her husband D, my cousin-in-law P were there.

    D was at the top of the hill and his job was to load the sleds with various kids and send them down the hill. The women (B, P & myself) stayed at the bottom to "catch" and send the girls back up the hill.

    So everything was fine (except for a few kid meltdowns, not Duckie) when D sent S & Mi down the hill. They strayed sideways and rolled. S bounced right up but Mi stayed down. All three of us sprinted. During all this (actually as the sled rolled), D let the next sled go. He must not have realized what was happening. The second sled was the three seater holding Duckie, Ma, & E... and it was heading right for sled #1 and little Mi. I reached sled #1 just as they were closing in on it and moved Mi out of the way as S was dragging the sled out of the way. Mi was okay, just startled.

    But B, unfortunately, was not as fast as I was and ended up having to leap over sled #2 as it whipped by... and she just grazed Duckie with her boot and got snow in her face. Poor P ran to stop sled #2 and found Duckie and Ma hysterical and E just really frightened. Duckie was okay but needed her inhaler because she was so stressed out. She told me she was terrified that someone was going to get really hurt or killed and there wasn't anything she could do... so she just held onto little Ma as tight as possible so she wouldn't go flying when they hit.

    I'm so done.
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  2. Marcie Mac

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    TM, just reading your facebook posts with all of the running all over makes ME wanna take a nap LOL Hope things settle so you can catch up on some sleep

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    :sled:We grew up sledding and tobogganning a lot in Colorado and Wisconsin, back in the days when parents just sent kids out the door alone or in groups to have fun.

    For the most part the times that stick in my memory bank were the dangerous runs. My aunt and uncle lived on top of a hill with a closed sledding park and we used to go all the time. It was exhilerating, it was scary, it was fun; sometimes we crashed and sometimes we got going too fast and sometimes we'd ache and we never did go through the ice in the river at the bottom of the hill. But we never really got hurt, and nothing stopped us from going out the next time.

    One day Duckie may be thanking you for this.

    PS Sit home one day and do nothing, will ya?
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    SRL, I did go through the ice once. Never went sledding again. Never imagined how cold jeans could get.

    TM, Sorry things are not relaxing right now. From the perspective of one of my stay at home mom friends - when kids are out of school there is no rest for mom. She will be back to school soon enough and then you can finally take a breather.
  5. Wiped Out

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    TM-Glad no one was seriously hurt. You truly do need a day of doing nothing but pampering yourself. (((hugs)))
  6. SRL

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    As in put it on your schedule before anything else crowds it out.
  7. LittleDudesMom

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    TM, now that most of the running is over, take this week to rest a little. If Duckie gets invited somewhere or wants to do something, just say NO. Stay at home and restart your 2011 calendar, watch some movies, write some thank you notes, read a good book, play a board game with Duckie - just stay in. I am sure Duckie has enough stuff to keep her occupied at home this week! Give yourself permission to do nothing.

  8. Lothlorien

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    If only someone had gotten this all on video. You could have won $10k from AFV.

    Just think, you'll be laughing about it soon.
  9. KTMom91

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    Glad no one was hurt...sounds like you definitely need a break! When does Duckie go back to school?
  10. Andy

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    I am very proud of Duckie!!! Tell her she did EXACTLY the right thing - held on tight to Ma. Cool that she thought of her young friend during that moment!

    When I was growing up, we had a hill in the woods. One day some visiting boys would not heed our warnings to let US make the trail through the trees and it took us a lot of work to build a bank turn to miss the tree that their trail had us hitting at the bottom.

    I also remember a time sledding on a hill so tall that our sledding party had snowmobilers in the party just to bring us back up the hill. We lasted outside much longer than if we had to walk up ourselves.
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    Thanks everyone. Duckie goes back to school on Monday. I hung out & cleaned/organized a bit today (clutter stresses me out) and made a lasagna for dinner. Then Duckie & I headed out to the mall, just the two of us. It was mostly pleasantly (a little tween whining here & there, but not too bad). I clean some more tomorrow, have a belated cast party for Duckie's play in the evening, clean again on Friday and hang out with friends dropping by in the evening. Not *too* much. We're taking an elderly cast member to the party tomorrow so I doubt we'll be very late. And I have nothing on Saturday but making dinner.

    Part of my problem is that my IBS is really bothering me & keeping me up at night. Lack of sleep really takes a toll on me.