Important psychiatrist. apt & sick difficult child????


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I am wondering what any of you have done, would do in this situation??? My whole family basically is very sick with the flu... difficult child woke up last night with fever and is on the couch (kind of-nothing will slow her down).
husband and easy child are just starting to feel better, but still getting waves of fever and terrible coughs... (I knock on wood, am not sick).

So we have this apt. in the early morning, we have to be up at 6am and gone 2hr drive etc. No baby sitter... (she is still in highschool).

So we have been waiting for this apt. forever and even moved it up to get difficult child in sooner... what should I do if difficult child wakes up worse in the morning???

I think I am just dragging everyone so psychiatrist can meet them and if worse comes to worse husband can sit with them in the car and put a movie in the player for them...

What do you all think? I hat dragging them anywhere but this is so important...



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Oh no! :eek:
Well, I've been in that situation. I cancelled. I can see where you're worked up and psyched up and really want to go. But not only is a 2-hr drive way too difficult when you're sick, but you're not going to be your best at the appointment., plus, if you've got fevers, you're contagious.
So sad!!! I know how frustrating that is.

on the other hand, kids are incredibly resilient. I can be dying of something and take 2 wks to recover, and my difficult child will sleep it off in one night. Miracles do happen! You're difficult child may improve with-some good, solid sleep.

Let us know what happens.


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Well if I were you, I would go. At the very least, you can bundle the littlest one up in the car with the dvd player with husband and the psychiatrist can see the older one. You desperately need this appointment. It isnt like its a follow up.

I might not have the doctor meet husband and little one at this time because they are sick but I would take the older one and you in. Push the fluids and as much vitamin C as she will take. Maybe some chicken soup will help. Im a big believer in chicken


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Thanks Janet-
That is what I was thinking I just wanted some back up!!! Some one else who agreed so I didn't feel like I was so delerious right now.... the lack of sleep is getting to all of us.
But yes we do need this. I am pushing whatever she will take right now!!!


T, I would go. The new psychiatrist is a doctor; she understands about kids getting sick. At the very least, she can get the lay of the land with a good solid history and start taking charge of your difficult child's case. I agree with Janet that you desperately need this appointment. And once you get your foot in the door, the psychiatrist will start fitting you into her schedule with regular appointments. You can do this -- you're a warrior mom!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Smallworld... I was laughing at your post... Because I was trying to be politically correct and part of me was like is it fair to take them all to this apt... but the warrior mom in me was like, well of course I am going!!! I just wanted to double check... and of course husband is freaking out!!! Mister sensitive... and he is so sick... he is very down right now about all of this. He is trying to be positive but, it takes it's toll...
thank you

unless we end up in the ER, which is a scary thought around here, I will go!!!

:warrior: :ill:


Well-Known Member it actually imperative that husband go with you? Could he stay home with the baby since they are both so sick? I know its a long ride for you to make with a difficult child but maybe you could do it if you took along a ton of goodies for her.


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Some kids should miss appointments when sick, others not so much. Illness has usually lowered Duckie's activity level but not so much that she just lays there or sleeps. Some things that nix it: vomiting, diarrhea or high fever. :ill: Otherwise, we go.


trying to survive....
I would go to the p-doctor appointment. I like the idea of perhaps leaving husband and the little one at home....Maybe difficult child will sleep on the way up...

I sure hope everyone is feeling better soon !!