In-person support groups?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by GinAndTonic, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. GinAndTonic

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    Do any of you parents go to support groups? I was in one for mothers of kids with special needs (mostly on the autistic spectrum). I liked it, but the childcare couldn't handle my son and so I haven't been for a while.
  2. timer lady

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    I have to tell you that after all the psychiatrist, therapist, SWs, Residential Treatment Center (RTC) settings, hospitalizations, ER runs, crisis team calls, yada, yada, yada, I never found time for support groups.

    I found a great deal of support hear with-o judgment or inane parenting statements from some childless facilitator; that combined with the countless years of wisdom gets me through on a daily basis.

    AND - the number one thing I learned was to do one thing for myself each day. I used to sneak in reading one chapter of a favorite authur - that expanded to some of my best & most therapeutic hobbies. Worth more than gold & in my humble opinion a support group. Keep in mind - it's my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.
  3. daralex

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    I barely have time to wipe my butt, never mind sit in a room with real people!! If it weren't for you guys I'd be a big puddle on the floor. Bless the internet and bless all of us on the forum!
  4. Dara

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    I would love to join a local support group but like all of you have said, Who has the time with all of the doctors and therapies and schools and at some point someone has to make some money with the cost of all of that stuff! Whew!
  5. Jena

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    support group in person with people that i'd have to drive to and set aside time for ??? na not me dont' have the time.

    finding a few minutes in my day to come in here read about others try to offer an ear or support vent myself is a beautiful thing.

    im not sure about the butt wiping but yup no time for that.

    you can look on line though there are different chapters i'm sure around.

    good luck
  6. Jena

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    ok i needed to clarify i wrote no time for that, meant no time for support group. i'm sick tonight my fever's so high i'm