In Praise of Schools That Do The Right Thing


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Since it's usually trials and woes that get reported here, I thought I'd brighten your day and tell you what happened at difficult child's IEP meeting this week. difficult child is doing remarkably well in all realms at school, including social. While there's still a need for a low level of accomodations, there's not a diagnostic test out there that I could have used as leverage to continue direct services. However, without my requesting it, the school decided to continue social speech because this past year so many things seemed to finally take hold and blossom and we could all see the home-school-social connections that had been made. Without his knowing it, I communicated to the Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) about the social issues difficult child was reporting to me and she would address them at school in ways that I couldn't fully do at home. Our district has had a lot of Autism training and I think it's made a big difference in understanding the "at-risk" nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)'s.


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This is great news!!! This really is wonderful. The training makes all the difference. It helps the administrators and teachers really understand that the behaviors are not the issues. There are bigger fish to fry. And then when those fish get the proper attention, the behaviors and anxiety slowly fade. I'm so proud of your difficult child too. I really believe SRL that this has come about too because of your approaches with him. It gives me so hope and faith to stay the course. Congrats and kuddos to your school. The ones that follow your son will have an easier time. What a great thing to have had a hand in that!
WOW! This is fantastic news. I am so glad that your school is actually supporting your child and truly helping him.

You are right, it was nice to hear something good about a school system. It gives hope for those times when you want to scream.


Thanks for posting this. It helps readers to know that there are some sd's that are on the ball.

Makes my heart sing..... Can you just imagine what would happen for our kids if all sd's were like you difficult child's.


Thanks for posting.

We LOVE good news areound here.

(Where is the thumbs-up icon when I need it most?)