inexpensive nanny cam for teen?


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Does anyone know of any inexspensive, easily installed camera's that record so that I can show teen her own actions?

This seems to be a big part of the problem. She gets so angry she doesn't remember her own actions so she truly believes she didn't do them. Words will never convince her. The only way I know is to record us both in a heated battle so she can see for herself what goes on. Who knows - I am open to learn something about myself too.

thanks for any help.


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I don't know where you can find one, my only suggestion is to research them online, but I think this is a wonderful idea. For on one hand, the reason that you mentioned. It may very well give you BOTH some insight as to what went wrong, and where, and what to try different next time, also to help you and difficult child both be accountable for your actions. Also, this may be a great TOOL to use if you have a psychiatrist that has not yet gotten to see your difficult child in action....this may give THEM some insight too, especially if the thing is running all the time and she has an opportunity to view difficult child's mood before, during, and after the meltdown. Just for my own knowlege as well, I will do some research, and if I find out anything helpful, I will pass it along to you!!


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Great idea!

If you search using "nanny cam", they have a bunch including some under $50.


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THANK YOU all! I am going to research it right now. I am so glad this board is here. :smile:

My daughter will be leaving in 4 weeks to live my mom mother that I haven't talked to in many years. My mom is very Narcistic also so it will be very interesting. They both can't stand me so they will have lots to talk about. this was the absolute last resort. My aunt will be taking her down there. I still have not spoke to my mother and have no intentions to do so. I will get a notorized letter stating she can enroll my daughter in school and tend to her medican needs, but that is all. I will never give her custody. My mother is already telling my daughter that she will get her license and buy her a car. the reason I haven't is because she will not take her medications. She does not need to be out there with out her medications driving.

So many who have not seen her outburst think I am just exagerating or that it's only teenage behavior. It is wayyyy beyond that. Her violence is uncontrolable.

I guess i'll just have to pray for her safety.

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