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    Well Straw.. You got me thinking.. My dad is having major problems with wheat. And I do better when I dont eat breads. So, I wonder if it will help my girl. Probley will. SO>>>>>>>> Here is a list I found that may help people.

    What you can eat on a gluten-free or wheat-free diet

    all cooking oils and fats
    all dried fruit
    all dried peas and beans
    all fresh fruit and vegetables
    all fresh meat and fish
    all herbs
    all pure spices
    ground almonds
    arrow root
    bicarbonate of soda
    buckwheat flour
    carob flour
    tinned unsweetened chestnut pureÉ
    corn meal (maize)
    cornflour (maize)
    cream of tartar.
    dried banana chips
    flaked millet
    flaked rice
    ground and chopped nuts
    maize and maize flour
    pea flour
    pure rice noodles
    quinnoa grain
    rice flour
    ground rice
    rice puffed cereal
    sago flour
    sesame seed
    sorghum flour
    sweet chestnut flour
    tapioca flour
    teff flour
    tofu- soya curd
    wild rice
    yogurt ( except with cereal flavour)
    yam flour
    But note; soya products and buckwheat are often indigestible for people on wheat-free diets.

    Black List:

    Food ingredients to avoid. What you must not eat.

    grain containing high levels of gluten.
    soaked and dried wheat.
    a type of wheat.
    Strong flour, bread flour, brown flour, wholemeal flour, granary flour:
    all made from wheat.
    contains some protein similar to wheat gluten but may not cause problems for all celiacs. Best avoided.
    contains some protein similar to wheat gluten.
    contains some protein similar to wheat gluten.
    contains some protein similar to wheat gluten.
    contains some protein similar to wheat gluten.
    made from wheat.
    made from wheat.
    Pasta, macaroni, spaghetti:
    made from wheat.
    Baking powder:
    may contain wheat flour.
    Stock cubes and gravy cubes:
    may contain wheat flour.
    Mustard powder:
    may contain wheat flour.
    Soy sauce:
    this is normally soya beans fermented with wheat flour.
    Suet in packets:
    may contain wheat flour to stop the suet sticking together.
    Starch, Vegetable starch:
    may be wheat starch.
    Beer, stout, lager, wheat germ, vitamin E pills:
    all made from wheat.
    Some brands of 'rice paper' are made using wheat flour.
    Sauce mixes, curry mixes, ice cream, packet and tinned soups, dried meals, gravy mixes, all may contain
    wheat flour, and do not always declare it on the contents list!
    Some cloudy lemonade and ginger beer now contain wheat flour
    Some sweets are dusted with wheat flour to prevent them sticking.

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    Thank you so much! It is great to have a list like this, because when you then start eliminating dairy, sugar, anti-candida stuff, you think, "Well, what can I serve?"

    The list is a great timesaver so those of us don't have to look it up.

    I also found out that grains can really cause many other problems, esp. with arthiritis and other conditions. Many people are sensitive to grains, but they do not know it because that is what we are so used to eating! [​IMG] [​IMG] (I believe they will find that foods like these can contribute to autism & other developmental delays, also, in some suceptible people)

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks....all of you. Goodness its is a task. I was just wondering about bread...wonder no more. Im printing the list as I type.


    I am the mother of a 5 yo son diagnosed 8 months ago with ODD borderline ADHD. Just started taking Clonidine. Looking for help anywhere and everywhere.