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    Tomorrow is the day, we have been waiting for a while, and it is finally time. My 5 year old has her first psychiatric appointment tomorrow to start the evaluation process. It seems like I should not be this nervous, as we have been to psychiatrist's before with the 13 year old, but she was ALREADY into all of this before she moved in with us, and she is older, too. I am having a difficult time preparing myself for this appointment tomorrow. My five year old is "my baby". I had her young, and her and I are very close, and the more I think about starting this whole process for her, my anxiety starting to flare up. I just keep telling myself that this is the right thing, and the BEST thing, for her. I keep trying to remind myself how much better she will feel once we find out what is going on and how to help her with it.

    Does anyone have any pointers on how to get through these pre-evaluation jitters (I know I am not the only parent to ever have them). Also, any information on what I can expect to happen tomorrow??
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    Please write a brief history of your child's life, the good, the bad, the things that you have tried and whether they worked (without judgments as to why they did or didn't work), developmental milestones, etc.

    Try to keep it more about your observations and less about your opinions. This keeps them from making judgments about you and your motives. While it's nice if you can give this to them in advance, it's not an absolute. Hand it to the therapist, and tell him or her that you hope that it will help them get to know your family dynamics a little better.
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    If you need some guidelines for what witz suggests, check out the parent report in the general archives on this site. I think it is there.

    Be prepared to tell the doctor what the major problems are. Be prepared to fill out a whole lot of paperwork.

    Be ready to ask for testing. There should be some idea of what is available if you search the site for Multi disciplinary evaluation. I know it is in the archives somewhere.

    Be ready to ask for info on the pros and cons of any medication, and a few days to think about it. Samples are wonderful. Asking for them is good also. But be sure to take time after the doctor has told you what medication(s) if any are recommended so that you can do your own research into side effects, withdrawal, and use in any diagnosis you or the doctor may think you are dealing with.

    Take time tonight to take some long, slow deep breaths. This is just the beginning. You don't have to jump all the hurdles tomorrow.

    Just be sure that they don't give you the ADHD diagnosis in 15 mins with no testing. Lots of things can and do look like ADHD. Just like lots of things look like many of the problems we see here.

    And, if it alls goes wrong tomorrow, you hate the doctor, or think he is a Donald Duck (aka a quack), well, you aren't out of time.

    No Matter WHAT the doctor SAYS: The little girl you love now with all your heart will be the little girl you take home with you.


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