Interesting and fruitful mtng with-school counselor + difficult child will pass to 8th gr

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    So, we had a 45-min mtng, just the 2 of us, and T. suggested that we do a contractual arrangement, which is what difficult child had last yr in private school. Too many days, I have no idea whether he really has homework, whether he turned in his assignments, and whether the teachers were in class or there was a sub.
    This will work very well ... and if difficult child comes home with-o the sheet ... no computer.

    All next wk there will be SOLs (some states have state-mandated testing to ensure that students are learning what a committee decides, regardless of ea school's indiv needs ... don't get me started ...) so difficult child will not have homework. That will give him a chance to catch up on all missing assignments and bring his 2 Fs up to Ds or Cs. (Preferably Bs but I'm nobody's fool:sigh:)

    It seemed that all was well ... until difficult child came home today and told me that the huge Spanish assignment he had, to label rms in the house, and create his own "dream room," which was a wk late, and which the teacher emailed me a note about saying he could turn it in late ... was for 8th graders!!! WTH? I found it online in his class assignments!

    See, this is why it ticks me off that when I ask specific questions such as, "What is the real due date? Is this really the assignment?" I get a teeth-grinding response like I got the other day from the science teacher, telling me to go back and look at
    the online info. Arrrgh!
    So, apparently the science teacher's online info is accurate, but the Spanish teacher's info is not.

    difficult child wasn't terribly angry, thank D*g. I told him that she would probably give him credit for another missing assignment,which would bring up his grade.
    One step forward, two steps back.

    Oh, one more thing--kids have to fail 3 classes in order to qualify for summer school or to be held back a grade. I shouted at the counselor, "Don't tell him that!!!!" and she laughed. (He's only got 2 Fs and one is already being changed. The other will be changed next wk.)
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    wow. here summer school is something any child can take and parents must pay out the wazoo for. I still always look at it because it reminds me of heartbroken Jessie in first grade who realized that there was NO SCHOOL in the summer! She did two separate classes, each a month long, because she was inconsolable about not having school in the summer. It was cute.

    I think the contract thingy is good. Just be prepared for the "they told me I didn't have to today" going to you from teachers and from you to teachers, in the world according to your difficult child.
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    Ohh, she sounds so cute!

    Yes, I know, difficult child will try it again ... I remember what happened all last yr. But we've got to try something.

    I checked online and the teachers haven't done anything to their web pps since Thurs.

    by the way, the school did have brochures for various schoolwork type camps, so I'll check into those. And of course, they're not free ... but I don't want to send him back to Sylvan. They were good but so very expensive, and what we were really paying for was repetition.
    Which is fine, because you need to keep the info fresh all summer long so there is no fall back. But still, it's expensive.
    I will buy workbooks at the teacher/parent store and hope i can get him to do those.