interesting day on multiple levels

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    so difficult child went to bed around 1 last night. thank good ness.

    this morning was rough, i had to take her to school myself, she fought waking up, getting dressed, etc. i had to bring her to school myself. I got into work around 9:30 on the first day.

    long story short, it was very interesting. it was like sitting in a class all about difficult child all day. as soon as i got there i got pulled into a huge meeting. i had no clue what they were talking about. LOL

    than most importantly difficult child no nurse visits today, made it thru day. haven't read teacher's note regarding anxiety yet just finished making dinner and feeing the 5 kids. yet i came home, hw was undone boyfriend didn't make her do it, but she was smiling. i'll find out more tongiht when i put her in and it all comes out.

    it was nice, nice being around ppl all day, nice learning so much, just nice all around. i'm excited about learning alot, i'm sure it'll help me iwth difficult child. i already learned alot today about handing her anger, different techniques, etc. everyone there is great and nice. they also are letting me slide and docking me on time till i get a sitter in place for difficult child. so they said they'l work with me.

    here's where it gets hairy. i come home boyfriend had to go get his truck from shop he said he'd start dinner for me and than head out. ugh i was sick but what you gonnna do?? so i get home he's sitting with the 5 kids watching a movie, difficult child's homework undone i get he didn't wanna push her today, fine. i did it with her.

    well he acted like a total jerk. across the board. all of a sudden out of nowhere. i got in and all the kids were asking about my job, asking to see cell, etc. so i said it's great, it's a big job going to be interesting how i'm going to do it. i'm looking forward to it. he says oh, what's that mean it's a big job?? i have a big job! Hello are we 2???

    than he goes to leave with-o setting up dinner. so i said i thought you were starting dinner and i'd finish and feed kids after i do difficult child's hw?? he than proceeds to slam around cabinets and again act like he's 2 in the kitchen.

    well he continued slamming kitchen cabinets, and even yells at me at one point! OMG

    can you believe that?? can anyone say threatened, he is threatened by my job, my newfound freedom?? fact i am getting a life. wow he's got alot of growing to do. i told him do not speak to me for the rest of the night i am disgusted with you totally. so he had to take one of the kids to a thing, he returned and apologized for slamming things and being nasty to me.

    i said i will not tolerate that, if you are insecure about me working go back to therapy, not my issue. grow up.

    so, anyway difficult child and i are ok. she even stayed steady thru his banging cabinets, let me just tell you how mad that made me that she struggled thru her day only to hear his infantile behavior. i was so shocked by his behavior and disgusted.

    oh yea and it was really cool being at work like a grown up again lol

    alot of typo's sorry fever sky rocketing and i gotta go get my pajamas on and my vicks. :) ok i just went back and edited out the typo's they were bad.
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    Glad you enjoyed your first day of work. Sorry that boyfriend was such a pita! Sounds like difficult child's day went well overall. I hope you are feeling better soon. Hugs.
  3. Jena

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    sharon thanks. i ithink everyone else was afraid to respond. lol. pita he was. he doesnt' get it, he gets to leave for work with-o a care in the world. i said it's a big job figuring out where difficult child is, and easy child and working.

    oh well whatever, right? most important thing is difficult child is ok. that's what counts.
  4. ML

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    Wow you must be so exhausted. I'm glad you had some good moments and sorry dbf is being nasty. I hope you get a great sleep tonight.
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    Geesh........I am tired just reading your post.
    So sorry.
    Have you gone to the DR about your flu and maybe gotten some antibiotics if it has somehow turned into a bacterial infection like bronchitis or something?

    Sorry boyfriend is being such a behind. I wish I had more offer in encouragement on that, but I am a bit tainted.

    (As a really nagging side note - one in which you can disregard if you want -
    Is there a reason as to why you guys never married? Do you have a deep doubt somewhere about this guy?)

    Many hugs of encouragement to you about moving forward with this new job. I am so excited for you.
    Live this life for you, and only you.
  6. Jena

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    steely hi i was thinking about you, i just responded on your thread. yea it was a busy day but as i sit here exhausted it was worth it. difficult child isn't sleeping, she faked me out. she's up again. this may go on all week, her sleepless due to this extreme change. i'm sure boyfriend's ridiculous cabinet slamming didn't help much ugh. i kill myself than he goes and ruins it like that.

    yet her and i got our quiet time talking, i soo looked forward to it tonight to hear about her day, how it was, how she felt, i missed her alot. more than i thought i would not being able to be here at hw time and all. see her little face walking out of school. ok let me stop lol.

    hmm yes i'm dodging the boyfriend marriage quetion. lol i'm afraid of marriage. there i said it. this is ok yet marriage is so final. i dont' know. i'm loyal to him and love him, doubt him in moments like tonight bigtime. maybe i shouldn't yet i can't help it. it's not a regular argument at least not to me, i wasn't arguing lol it was all him, his obvious insecurities. i knew just knew this would happen some form of insecurity on his part that i was going back to work. wasn't sure how it would manifest itself, thought maybe he'd be a big boy and talk about, use his words. instead he yells and slams cabinets.

    to me, me working, continuing to work on getting difficult child even somewhat, keeping up on easy child this was all the final piece the work thing. if i can make this happen i want to see what i can do, how i juggle how he behaves how i adapt to such juggling again with a difficult child. than my head will be clearer in regards to him.

    he made his mistaeks in the beginning i'm not sure if you remember, i moved past them. he changed alot and for the better. yet tonight was infantile, i dont' do infantile i truly dont' unless it's me lol. you have a problem you open your mouth and you say it. what's wrong with being excited about a job, wanting to talk about it, feeling excited again about something?? absolutely nothing. he's been pretty great for the most part up till now. his reaction to me working again has thrown me for a loop. marriage scares me steely bigtime. the finality of it all. i did it once it didnt' turn out too well.

    ok enough said lol
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    i understand everyone argues and sometimes ppl lose their cool. yet i was counting on him today and he let me down. sure he went to the store got the few things i asked him to get, i mean few. yet the bed wasn't made, his clean clothes were piled up in the bedroom, his towel from his a.m. shower on the floor, the half and half from thsi mornings' coffee sitting out. he doesn't do that when iwas home. why now? than his behavior? arguing is one thing, attacking someone because you can't be a grown up and say hey i'm kinda feeling insecure your working again just is being a baby. difficult child was strong today, fell apart a little but we got thru. yet he didnt?? just not cool.
  8. totoro

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    Just got a moment. Sounds like you are dealing so much but you are handling it all very well.
    Your apprehension is understandable regarding marriage. I do remember when you first came and some of the *stuff* I think he sounds like he was trying, but you need to be sure and take your time.
    Glad difficult child is hanging in there. Back to school and Mommy back to work, big/huge day!!!

    * Well it had sounded like he had been trying! But not today....
  9. Fran

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    Wow, he sure didn't waste any time feeling threatened.
    Male ego's are pretty obvious aren't they? Hopefully he will settle down and return to guy you fell in love with.
  10. lizzie09

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    OMG Jennifer I am SO SO Glad you made it so well through the day.

    I was not surprised about BFs attitude...when you finally flew out it left them all were so attainable to them all and now it seems that regrouping is in order.

    I doubt he meant it but was frustrated.. My husband would have been the same I think
    No homework would have got done without me and as for dinner? If it was underway it would take hours...I am so pleased though that the people are so sure is great to be out there with ppl at least for a while.

    The family now realise they need to give more harm at all for them!!!


    I was watching last night for your news but I am at least 5 hrs ahead of you timewise I think! so didnt see post till Tue morning problem as you sleep!

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    you guys are the best. no Fran he wasted no time at all. what happens when I have to run out at night to go on appts. or god forbid one of the kids are in the e.r. at night and the parents need me?? if difficult child is good with it, easy child is good with it and he isn't??

    toto - yes onward and upward. i hope all's well with you guys.

    Lizzie - thank you, that's sweet.

    ok off i go again, steely i think your right medications are needed lol.