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kt is having/displaying fewer dissociative states. Having said that, we are witnessing these sames states while she is in the shower.

I feel the need to be in the bathroom while she is in her "altered" state. Some days it's a puppy, others it's a kitten or infant. Because she is in her "altered" state she doesn't protest the lack of privacy.

When I announce that shower/bath time is over there is a definite reconnection, if you will. Not immediately - generally within the next hour or so. kt seems so relaxed & in control after these times of disconnect.

kt sees therapist this coming week & I will bring it up. I find it to be refreshing because these states seem to be in a very controlled environment.

kt seems to have learned to select a "safe" environment.

Am I being clear? husband & I are documenting this for psychiatrist & therapist.


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Is this a coping strategy for her? Choosing to do it in a safe situation may also be part of a coping strategy.

Just a thought.


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I'm hoping it is a coping strategy along with a bit of self awareness. I'm actually overjoyed to see these states in such a controlled environment versus in the park or car.


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I think this is very positive. She is finding a place to just self-calm. Does she ever take baths? If so, maybe she can listen to music while taking a bath and this too can help her relax...if so than maybe she can eventually learn to self-calm with soothing music and deep breathing.

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I'm gathering before this she didn't disassociate in the shower?

I'm far from a professional, but it sounds as if she's trying to gain control of when and where these states happen. I'd say that a huge step.

Perhaps with time you could add soft music, soothing fragrances, and she could transfer the disassociative state for a soothing warm bath.

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I've never seen kt in this state in the bath/shower before - it's just been occurring over the last week or so. And it hasn't happened anywhere else that I am aware of.

I'm hoping kt is trying to gain control - coming to terms with her hx. I know that we've been using EMDR at every therapist session since she's been discharged from Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

I'll try the soothing music & scents the next time she showers.