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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. slsh

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    Just having a moment of appreciation this morning for the amazing thing the internet is and thought I'd share. I first got online in about 1995. AOL was *the* thing - I shudder when I remember the phone bills those first months, LOL, because the dial-up was long distance (then I figured out local ISPs, etc.). But it opened doors to new people, places, and most importantly for me, information. As bad as it can be when used unsafely/unwisely, I honestly don't ever want to have to be without it. I do *everything* online now - socializing (ok, that's maybe a bad thing, but it's more socializing than I've ever done in person, LOL), shopping, financial stuff, even my job.

    My moment of thankfulness today was provoked by wheelchair parts. Not rocket science, you'd think, but apparently beyond the capability of a brick and mortar store to order (we're talking 2 wheels and 2 armrest cushions - nothing high tech). After trying for literally 4 months to get these parts from the vendor, I finally decided to see if I could find them online (duh, don't know what took me so long to figure that out). Ordered Tues, arrived today, right parts, no shipping fees.... magnificient! I even found a site where we may be able to build Boo's next chair ourselves, and skip the hassles of having to deal with- people at all!

    I must admit, my thankfulness is also attributable to the fact that my bookstore emailed me yesterday to let me know that my/our Harry Potter book is boxed and addressed, set to arrive on Sat, and I can follow it's progress to our home starting tonight, LOL. No crowds, no hassle. I *love* the internet!!!

  2. busywend

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    That is awesome! You have to appreciate that!

  3. Lothlorien

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    I really do love the capability that clcking the mouse provides. I am in awe of the internet sometimes.
  4. susiestar

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    I also LOVE the internet. My husband was one of AOL's FIRST 1000 members!! When AOL grew so suddenly they could not keep enough phone line's open we had special numbers that NO ONE else had!!

    We were on the internet when there was not Windows. We had to access via a program called GEOS.

    I love the internet!!!!!!! It is how I met all of you!!

  5. skeeter

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    I met my husband via the internet (and a mutual interest in music).
  6. On_Call

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    I am also a HUGE fan of the internet. You can find ANYTHING on here!!

    Love it, love it, love it!!
  7. WhymeMom?

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    I love INSTANT INFORMATION....via internet....don't know how I survived before it came into being.....
  8. Hound dog

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    And to think, there once was a time when I thought I wouldn't like it. :rofl:
  9. wakeupcall

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    Hello, my name is PamelaJ, and I'm a computer addict. (hehehe)

    Honestly, I absolutely LOVE my computer. It's my best friend. I'm not so sure I knew I had such a thirst for knowledge, but I can hardly stay off it to get my housework done. One thing leads to another, leads to another, and so it goes. There's so much to learn and only one lifetime to learn it all!

    By the way, do any of you have favorite sites (besides this one, of course!)??
  10. Marcie Mac

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    SO discovered the joys of the internet when he found that they actually sold wood on ebay - let me tell you - I had enough wood to build a small village - I felt soooo sorry for the postman and Fex X guy who had to tote this stuff up to my front door - I put up with it for about 6 months and had to shut him down as the wood was in my living room cause the garage was full.

    He is a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to hoarding stuff (as I am looking over at a 18 x 36'den filled top to bottom with Yoda stuff - quite a collection over 12 years - let me tell you.
    You name it, we have it with a picture of Yoda on it (including large and extra large g strings from a burlesque show in Nevada which has Yoda beaming from the crotch area, Yoda blinds on the window, Yona bongs (which I made him seal with glue), a hood of a race car - I even have Yoda's in my fish tank, yards of material with Yoda on it (thank heavens he never found enough of it cause I am sure I would have Yoda covered sofas

    I wish someone would offer him a job just surfing all day - my office is slowly filling up with his new collection of war memorabilia