intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome)


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Well I have to come up with a topic to do a research paper on. difficult child supplies me with many many true life case examples! The one that intrests me the most is intestianl permebility or leaky gut. From my limited understanding it sounds like it could be the cause of a lot of other health issues (allergies, asthma and even possibly autism)

So my dilemma? finding scientific info that is dated 2000 to date. Everything posted here or in the archives is from before 2000. :eek:
Such the surprise considering it's role in so much.. but that's western medication for ya!

Anyone run across anything in their travels?

Also difficult child had scopes and biopsies done. One of the tests was for intestinal permeability - I could only find documentation on the sugar test to verify intestinal permeability. Has anyones difficult child been specifically tested for it?

Thanks everyone - possibly if all goes well I'll share my paper :laugh:


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Thanks so much .. I still can't find testing. HUM

Also most of the articles (the ones I found too) are not from main sources i.e. mayos or boston but from natural health sources. They may not fly for 'creditable' sources since they can be controversial. I don't believe it but I've only lived it - who am I to say! In fact one of difficult child's doctors said that most of western medication is not proven - it's just supported by lots of lab $$$'s. :Hot Head:

The overtired side of me says to pick another topic but this is a great opportunity to understand this more.

Thanks again
I would imagine that if you researched the autism society and related sites, you could find info. Bernard Rimland and DAN doctors should be good sources.


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My difficult child has been tested for intestinal perm and he has it big time. Dr. Timothy Buie knows a lot about the connection between this and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Perhaps google his name? He is as Mass General in Boston.
Good Luck. Great Idea for research