is my situation not as serious as most?

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not sure what kind of cat fight i came late to, came on to check in on the new member. i think she labeled her post the way she did because i kind of dropped a nuclear bomb on this forum right before she posted. for this i apologize, i hit a rough spot and needed help which as usual this forum came thru for me.

your issues are very important and and no matter what is going on with any of us it doesn't make your concerns any less important. learning from different opinions and points of view are helpful to those of us who get stuck trying to figure out how to handle our own difficult child's, issues etc.

i've gotten blasted a few times here because my 29yo son still lives with me... he works, contributes financially and also becomes a body guard for my youngest when angel snaps and i'm busy managing her. he's also an in person adult for me to talk to who has a bachelor's in psychology so i have someone to help me figure out how to handle my severely ill girls.

my stuff doesn't make your stuff any less important, as i said at the beginning of this thread your concerns are valid. unfortunately a misguided individual kind of hi-jacked your thread and you might want to start a new one because in my opinion this whole thread is a little tainted at this point.

please keep posting and let us know how things are going over there, we are here for you always. sending cyber hugs and good thoughts your way.



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Stazard...I am so sorry that your visit to our little corner of the web seems to have gotten off to a bad start. Please know that it isnt always like this.

I think I am going to close this thread because so much junk has been spewed here. I hope you and your brother will continue to post new threads so we can continue to support you.
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