Is she Insane?

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    Thanks for taking the time to read Guys.

    I received a call from my psychiatrist/Friend who knows difficult child and me inside and out. He had gotten a call from difficult child. All he could say to me was "Is she :censored2: insane"? verbatim.
    I told him that he would know the answer to that more than I would.
    difficult child is so deluded and irrational. I am tossing back and forth 2 theories here. I will leave things status quo with regard to visits etc...Or I could stop all contact now. I am leaning toward the latter but I don't feel strong enough to tell her. That's just the truth. I feel weak. I do not have good communication skills with difficult child as she takes everything I say literally or out of context. Either way she gets ****** at me.:grey:
    Her demands and requests are so ridiculous, I want nothing further to do with her.
    I am afraid however that the court would still grant visits. I guess I would ask them to have the court supervise them instead of me, I hate bring Baby J to her. She contributes nothing positive to his life. Am I wrong here?

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    In light of your previous post, I would work on ending contact now. If she carries her latest prgnancy to term and keeps the baby, she'll have more leverage with which to see J. get teh courts involved. Use your friend's expert opinion. Sadly, you can't save every child she concieves. But you can save J and give him a stable, happy life. He is soon going to be at an age where he will remember her, and he'll get confused about who his "mommy" is (you or difficult child). in my humble opinion, it's in his best interest to cut your losses and move on. You have done everything humanly possible to help her. She just isn't willing to help herself. I'm so sorry - I can only imagine how devastating that is for you.


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    No, You are NOT wrong. Cutting her ties to you and Baby J would problem be the healthies thing. If the court says she must have visits, then have tehm court supervised. Maybe you can document her ongoing drug use and have the visits terminated completely based on that.

    I am so sorry you are going through all of this. You worked SO HARD to help her, and she just has refused it all. I think Baby J is very lucky. BUT you truly CANNOT save all the babies she has. She will just keep having them if you try. And they will be born with all the problems from prenatal drug and alcohol abuse.

    Get your psychiatrist to testify if you need it, that she is :censored2: insane. That might help the court sever her parental rights and let you adopt baby J.



    ps. BAby J sounds cute, smart and wonderful. You, husband and Baby J are lucky to have each other!!
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    Remember, Melissa, that GFGmom's see everything in relation to THEIR needs, dreams, possessions. They ARE the center of the universe. They
    can "play Mommy" when they are ready to do so but they are not prepared to BE Mommy.

    She absolutely WILL do exactly what my GFGmom did. She will use her "new baby" as a means to entice your grandson. She will tell him that "HIS little baby" sibling NEEDS him.

    I don't know any way for you to protect him except try to avoid contact as much as possible...preferably eliminate all contact. That is not easy to do legally or emotionally but it sure would be in his best interests. DDD
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    Oh gosh, Melissa, I know how hard this must be on you. Just when things seem to settle a bit, our difficult child's have a way of rearing their ugly gfgness all over again.

    I think the suggestion of breaking off contact is probably the best, but I know how hard that will be - especially because of your little guy.

    Sending good thoughts and hugs, and hoping things start settling back down for you.