It appears my difficult child 1 is not the only one on his school team

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    And there are other difficult child's who make mine pale by comparison. I guess it just reminds me that things can always be worse, even after all I've gone through with this kid and his physical and mental health drama, both accidental and self-imposed. Ugh.

    Just found out one of the boys on difficult child 1's team at school got arrested on 12/12 and spent 10 days in jail -- I was told it was drug related and possibly a felony but that much is hearsay at this point. The difficult child is 18 and a senior this year. The family has problems, that much I do know. I'm fairly certain (based on a black eye observed last year) that the mom is victim of abuse and it's possible the difficult child is, too, by his father (whom I have not once seen in the three years we've been involved with this team). So based on our district's athletic eligibility rules, this kid's probably off the team for good. It's really a shame -- he's a good athlete, a smart kid, but clearly the family (and he) needs help. The mom has said she admires my courage to speak openly about my family's mental health problems and that she wished she could be more like that. What gets me is that she's an intelligent woman, works in a hospital in a position of responsibility -- but I guess fear does not discriminate and cripples anyone. And if she's working full time and trying to keep herself safe and care for younger children at the same time, it's easy to lose track of an older difficult child who's already on a slippery slope.

    I'm seriously thinking of putting together a packet of information on mental health and domestic abuse resources and sending it anonymously to her...
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    What a sad situation. It sounds like she would be receptive to materials you would give her, given her comment on how she admires you for speaking out about family mental health issues (which I have to add, I also think it is awesome that you do this). Hugs for that 18 year old. I hope somehow he can turn things around.
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    Too bad you can't send it anonymously and include some way for her to let you know if she'd like more info or help, if she so chooses...
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    Such a shame. I don't know if it is possible, but if you do send something, send it to her work. Maybe invite her for a cup of coffee, let her know you have had problems with your kids? She si probably super isolated except at work. I hope her son gets rehab and help.
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    Thats so sad.