It happens everytime!!!!!

sooooo tired

Every time I think I am making progress, I get punched in the stomach once again!! Tonight my 18 year old grandson came over bawling because he lost his job, wanted money, ( which I rode with him up to the gas station and filled his tank) and that's all! He proceeds to tell me his girlfriend tried to kill herself and is in the psychiatric ward. He is going to lose his apartment, can't pay his cell phone bill. Then he breaks my heart totally by telling me how bad it is at his moms house and how my little 4 year old is in the middle of it all !! It just about kills me to think about what that little boy has to see and hear!!! They are going to ruin his sweet little personality, and make him bitter and angry just like his brothers!!! I wish I had the money to take him. He should start school next year, he needs to have some stability!! I am so sad right now!!!!

Tanya M

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I'm so sorry. Your grandson should not have come to you but I understand why he did. He knows that you have a soft spot.
It was very kind of you to fill his gas tank. I do hope you realize that he was fishing for more. Telling you about losing his job, his apt, can't pay the cell phone, the girlfriend....... These are subtle ways to fish for money.
As for you little grandson, if it is that bad at his home then you really might need to think about calling child services.
I'm sending you all my positive energy!!
Hang in there dear friend.


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I'm so sorry you are going through this. Your heart must be breaking in a million pieces hearing about the little one. I wish I knew the right things to say to ease your pain but am here to listen. Hugs from me.