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    I went to see Temple Grandin last night at the college. easy child 1's fiance went with me (she's studying to be a teacher and is very interested in sensory issues and autism). We very much enjoyed the evening.

    When we got home I resumed folding laundry that I had washed and hung out all day yesterday (I worked from home). Since we were gone over the weekend, there was an unusually large amount to be done.

    Dr Grandin had talked about sensory issues, in particular, her clothing choices and how things feel to her.

    I was folding along, watching tv, chatting with easy child 1's girlfriend, when she burst out giggling. She had just noticed Wee's pile of pants.

    Ten pair of pants, folded in a pile, all identical...yup, resistance to change and sensory issues?....not here!;)