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    Well, the wedding is over and it was a big hit! The bride and groom looked great and had fun! We had a lot of fun too!!!!:D

    There was MUCH crying..MOSTLY on my part...a little embarassing. :redface:

    The bride looked beautiful in her dress. When she walked down the isle with- her dad, the tears started for me. My son (easy child) looked GREAT in a tux. Together...what a great looking couple! The best man gave a toast that had everyone in tears! Seems my son is a very special young man to many. It was very heartfelt. Also, the mother/son dance...OMG! That song "You Lift Me UP," was very powerful.

    Since the bride went to college in my area (with- our son), we got rather close over the last few years. So, for me, it was like two of my kids getting married. Two or three people commented it was as if I was "her" mother. I also had additional difficult child "stuff" in the back of my mind. My emotions were RAW!:anxious:

    Two people who know me well, but mostly from years ago, who were involved with difficult children care early on were there. To my surprise, BOTH of them felt strongly that difficult child should NOT be there, although one said that she was saddened that she was not there...but felt that it was "for the best." They mentioned this to me with-o me was brief, but noticeable and powerful.

    difficult child was not brought up otherwise. it was an unspokened silence. It think it (her inability to be there...the entire ordeal) was part of the reason I let lose a few times with- many tears as well as did many of my girlfriends.

    However, we also had A LOT of fun!!! There was lots of GREAT music and dancing. It was really top notch...and many many people expressed how much FUN they had..including husband and myself.

    I took nearly 200 photos...had a BLAST! It was a huge success...really beautiful!

    difficult child did fairly well at home. The day before she called in a panic 'cause her TV set broke. I gave her an old one from the house when we got back and treated myself to a tiny flat looks AWESOME. She doesn't seem upset in the least about going...but has mentioned that she would like to visit her brother soon (he now lives in this other city).
    Everyone seems very happy with the decision.

    Sadly, the alcoholic boyfriend is hanging around a bit again and difficult child is happy that he is starting to show this interest in her again. I'm a bit appalled...not totally know how it goes.

    The bride and groom are on their honeymoon...a cruise husband and I paid for. They sent photos already of their is gorgeous.

    husband and I are planning a big/special trip ourselves next year...we will have been married 30 years next summer.

    All for's been a very emotional ordeal, really.:faint::D

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    Well aren't you glad THAT is over? lol. I bet they were stunning. You didn't say what you wore.

    I'm happy that they got off to such a wonderful start and a lovely cruise. I am available next year as a cabana girl....luggage carrier, fan waiver....drink getter. lol

    Congratulations Nomad. YOu really didnt loose a son you truly gained a daughter.

    Best wishes for the bride and groom.
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    Don't you just love weddings...
    So glad it was a success.

    Congrats to the bride and groom.
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    Such a nice, happy post to read! :) congrats!
  5. Suz

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    Congrats! :)

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    Oh, I'm so glad it went so well! Congrats to all of you! Hope you and husband plan a special trip for your 30th.
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    Oops, I got so excited I typed my name wrong! Jane, not Jand
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    Congrats to the newlyweds. :)

    I bet you're glad it's over.

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    Congratulations to the bride and groom!!! :D

    And, soon you'll be celebrating 30 years of marriage - That is wonderful!!! I hope you're planning the vacation of your dreams... :D WFEN
  10. Fran

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    How fun. They will have those memories forever.
    There is never a wonderful memory for us that doesn't include some sadness regarding our difficult child's.
    Glad everything went well. I love weddings too.
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    I'm glad it was a great day. How cool that you will celebrate 30 year of marriage next year. Yes, a trip is in order. Hugs, ML