It's 10:00 and he's

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still awake and on my every last nerve. He usually is asleep by 8 at the latest! It's been the longest day. We've had a ton to do getting ready for my dad's visit tomorrow. Add in the fights between easy child and difficult child, our dog having bowel problems all over our carpet and the fact that difficult child is still up and full of energy and I'm ready to run away! Honestly I sat down and cried awhile ago.

husband just figured out that he gave difficult child topomax tonight instead of the clonodine used for his sleep. He gave him the clonodine and I'm praying he's asleep soon for my mental health!!

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Sharon - hope the clonodine takes affect soon - for your sanity. For your difficult children safety - it sounds like you're ready to knock his block off.

Company is always a stressor for a difficult child - I can imagine he's hyper excited over the upcoming visit.


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Ugh! I remember the feeling of panic when difficult child wasn't asleep at his normal time. It didn't bode well for the next day which just added to the panic.

Hope he is asleep soon.


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Topomax causes some kids to get really hyper. My son went nuts on it. You have to tell husband to be careful with the medications. Hopefully it's just a one nighter due to the wrong medications! Take care.