Its been a good honeymoon...


Picked up wee difficult child from school today. Yesterday after school he was iffy, today, he was...I don't even know to describe - a freak - all over the spectrum.

Things have been good, I shouldn't complain, but these regressions, especially like this one, are so hard. I had to go to the pharmacy, pick up medications for a sinus infection, and the parts store, to get a thermostat for the car, its overheating. Pharmacy's hard for him, they have toys, did the prep work and got out of there ok. Parts store is usually not a big deal - in, out, fast, nothing exciting for him to look at...WrONG. They have hot wheels. He beat the tar out of me in that store, I have bruises on my arms and butt. Screamed, pushed things off the shelf, a classic tantrum. I had to restrain him to get him out the door, it was 5:15, everyone was stopping on the way home from work, it was awful. He threw things at me in the truck, screamed profanities, hit me more, tore the cup holder off the door, threw his drink from it onto the floor. I just drove, watching for him to go for that door handle, which he so frequently does when he's angry, ignoring as much as I could.

30 minutes later, crying inconsolably. No idea why. Another 30 minutes, playing Lego's like nothing ever happened. An hour later, asleep. 30 minutes later, wide awake.

Sorry. Just a long day.


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Aww, Shari, so sorry :crying: I know how hard regression is, we're going through it ourselves, here.

I hope today is a better day for the little guy. I'm sorry you had to go through that. The public stuff is always worse.

Sending gentle hugs :kisses: