It's not important but I still want to know...


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Do contestants on reality based shows get paid? Some of you guys
are so well read on trivia, I'm positive someone here knows the answer. Every time I watch Bachelor, or A.I. or almost any of the shows I end up can the contestants afford to
spend that much time away from work? How bout the wife/swap shows?...they must get something?? Anybody know? DDD


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I have always wondered that too DDD.

As far as those wife swap shows, I always wondered just how on earth anyone could stand to do that. I would never be able to deal with that.


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Those shows bother me! They always manage to find people who are extreme opposites so it makes a better show ... they put the finicky neat-freak in with the family of slobs, and the people who have no rules at all for their kids in with the ones who have every minute of their time accounted for, or the pampered penthouse dweller switches places with a woman who slops hogs and shovels manure on the farm! And somehow, they always manage to each "give a little" by the end!

Isn't that amazing!!! I don't know why anybody would go through all this if they didn't get paid for it!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> i believe that on both survivor & big brother they get paid so much for each elimination they survive....up to a certain amount.....but not close to the grand prize.

not sure about shows like AI or So You Think You Can Dance, or amazing race. i believe the celebs on DWTS also get paid so much for each week they don't get cut.

</span> </span> </span>


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I always wondered that, too.

On the Wife Swap show, isn't that the one where the switched Wife/Mom gets to decide how her 'new family' gets to spend the money they get for doing the show?

I'd like to see an episode that shows the Wives that bail out and go home - or the ones that sue to spend the money the way they decide and not comply with the new Wife's wishes. There have got to be more cases along those lines than happy endings. Maybe I'm just being cynical - or maybe it's all the years I've spent working in lawyers' offices, but . . . I have to believe there are some interesting stories there. Now, that would be true REALITY t.v. :rofl: