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trying to survive....
difficult child was officially diagnosed with tourette syndrome. Now we can just add that to his list of age 7, I should be counting the number of teeth he's lost...instead I'm counting the number of disabilities I can add to my signature. :sad:

Did I mention that I think he is also going through puberty? He already has hairy legs and now he has hair down below....just one more specialist to see.

And we just started seeing a private speech therapist.

So husband was going to plan a 40th birthday party for me...but instead we'll just continue to spend our money on therapies...

Have a lovely weekend. :grin:


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((((HUGS!!!))) At least take a break- sounds like you deserve it!
Maybe a foot massage and husband cooks dinner?


Jannie, I'm sorry. I guess that means you took difficult child to the neurologist.

If you need the name of a good endocrinologist in Maryland, PM me. My girls have to see one for short stature and slow growth.

I think husband should still throw you that 40th birthday party. It doesn't have to be expensive. You deserve a little fun in your life.

Hugs to you!

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It's tough to hear the dxes, although the sooner these things can be addressed the better.

I want to say if difficult child is already showing signs of puberty you should have him checked out by a pediatrician endocrinologist. He shouldn't be having such changes at his age. If there is an endocrine problem of some sort, it could be a possible explaination to some of his other issues. Endocrine disorders can cause a wide range of symptoms. And when properly treated symptoms tend to disappear.



trying to survive....
Yes, Smallworld- we did go the the neurologist. The doctor spent a long time talking with us, but really all he did was confirm what we already knew. My husband has Tourette's was only just a matter of accepting it. So far, however, it is very mild.

I do plan to take him to an endocrinologist. The soonest appointment is some time in July.

When I noticed his hairly legs...I thought perhaps it was some type of side effect due to his medications. I noticed pubic hair when I was applying cream for his poison ivy !! :blush: Thankfully the poison ivy went away quickly--difficult child is pretty tall for a 7 year old...already a size 5 double wide foot--


Jannie, we have the opposite problem. At age 12, difficult child 2 is 4 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs 61 pounds. She hasn't started puberty at all, which is a good thing because that will give her time to grow (the endocrinologist expects her to get her period at age 15). So far no growth hormone problem has been detected at all. She's just small and growing slowly.

Good luck with all the specialists.


trying to survive....
easy child is just about the same size as difficult child--I'm getting a bit concerned about difficult child's height because he is much shorter than so many of the kids in his class.

I could sense the distress in your post. I am so very sorry that you are feeling this way right now. Of course you know that this is not the end of the world, and that it is better to know sooner than later. But it is never easy to hear, and that is what you are going through right now. Sending many hugs and prayers. Please enjoy your birthday. May you be comforted by God's loving arms.



You only really have to worry if easy child's growth curve flattens out. That's what happened with both difficult child 2 and easy child, which is why our pediatrician sent us to the endocrinologist. Short stature runs in both husband's and my families so the girls come by it honestly. We just wanted to make sure there wasn't a growth hormone problem.


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Puberty onset also can determine eventual height - it's connected more to when the END of puberty occurs, but at his age I do think the endocrinologist is a good idea. No mad rush, though. The appointment you have will be soon enough.

That's one big reason why boys tend to be taller than girls - puberty arrives later for them, they have more time for their long bones to grow before the final sex hormone rush at the end of puberty closes over the growth plates on the ends of the long bones.

If you doctor is willing, he could organise a wrist X-ray to be done some time before you see the endocrinologist. This can show if there is still a lot of healthy growth happening.

We were concerned at easy child 2/difficult child 2's apparent lack of growth, even well into puberty. She had a broken wrist at 13 (broke it stiltwalking right before the audition for Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony) and the X-rays she needed over the next six months showed she had plenty of growth still to go. The GP had been going to order wrist X-rays anyway, he just took advantage of what had to be done to check the healing of the broken bones.

Now she's stopped growing, but only just. Taller than me, not as tall as her father. Just right.


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While it's always good to know what you're dealing with - it's hard for a parent to hear it. I cringe anytime I get the "official" report on this or that about the tweedles.

I hate seeing in writing emotionally disturbed, along with other fine descriptions. It seems so harsh.

You know, as we all do, it's a good thing to know; it will help you map your journey in parenting difficult child.



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I still think you should have the Birthday Party! I'm sure if husband asked everyone to bring a dish, they would! No need to shell out a lot of $$$ for it to be a BASH! :wink:


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Hi Jannie,

Oh, I am so sorry. I know you already knew it but we all have this bit of hope that we are wrong. It really it home when you said you should be counting teeth. My son has his first loose tooth and all I can think about is lithium levels, the 4 different medications he is on, blah blah blah.

As for your 40th, my husband is turning 40 July 1st and I can not even imagine a party so I am surprising him with a 2 day trip to the beach and my parents will take care of difficult child. If a party is your thing then ENJOY it, you deserve it more than most 40 year olds. If a party is not your thing encourage your hubby to do something else like a spa day, a night at the comedy club etc.

Let's plan to get together like we did last year.

You are so much in my thoughts
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Hugs Jannie.
I agree with-Lisa that it's best to get it diagnosis'd now so you can deal with-it.
I totally agree that the endocrine disruption could be causing or contributing to the other issues.
So sorry you can't see the endocrinologist until July. :frown: I know that a cpl mo's won't matter yrs from now, but when you're in the throes of it, everthing seems to take forever!


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>>Did I mention that I think he is also going through puberty? He already has hairy legs and now he has hair down below....just one more specialist to see.

Seb, who is also 7 seemed to be experiencing precocious puberty. He's always been very hairy. In fact, when I was giving birth to Seb and pushing, the labor nurse said: "God bless him he's got a lot of hair". Now at 7, his back is hairy, his legs are hairy, I can see where his moustache hair will grow... and low and behold, a few months ago I spotted some fuzz in the pubic area. I was mortified.

I brough him to the pediatrician the next day and he sort of laughed at me, waving it off as The Hairy Gene (thanks to his grandpa). Basicallly the dr. said that fuzz isn't a concern on the groin or underthe arms. What would be a concern is actual adult type pubic hair. Not sure what variety your difficult child has, but perhaps this will ease your fears.