I've had it. I am not cooking this season.


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There is a terrific restaurant that will cook the best feasts for the holidays for about the same price it would cost me to buy everything. I am so broken hearted that my own child is so screwed up, I give up, it wouldn't be fun, I want someone else to do the work. My other 2 are so cool, they wouldn't even want me to bother. I can pick it up and we can eat like kings. It's just gonna all about me and the rest of us. SO MUCH of my life, forever, since difficult child was 13, revolved around him, and now it's over. I feel like I may lose my mind over all I have been through and how he lives. I can't even bring myself to call child protective services, I should, there would be help, but I cannot. I am tormented over this, but I have to bow out of this mess. It's going to be all about me for a really long time. I'm getting a pedicure and drinking wine, let's all enjoy our season and put ourselves first. We aren't them, we can't fix them but we can enjoy things.


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UAN - nobody ever said you had to be the one doing the cooking. You deserve to have a holiday too. I think getting it cooked by someone else is a great idea... with or without difficult kids messing around with us.

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Upallnight-I'm sorry you are hurting right now but think your idea of getting a pedicure and treating yourselves and the other two sound wonderful. Not cooking sounds great as well (I didn't host Thanksgiving for the first time this year and loved it). Sending gentle hugs.


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Great idea!
As someone with health issues and a difficult child (like many here) I have three or four modes depending on how I feel and what is happening:

1. I make everything myself with help from husband (rarely)
2. I buy half the stuff and make half the stuff with help from hubby (fairly often)
3. We buy everything (cater) or go out (sometimes)
4. I make one of my signature items, buy some items, invite one or two couples (keep it small) and ask a guest or two to make her one signature item and husband helps (sometimes)

This always works for me. I guess #2 and #4 are fairly common. Has a little homemade touch without it being difficult or overwhelming.

But do what is best for you. If over tired, or stressed or both ...definately relax and go out!!!!!