While I have been posting here I have been also trying to locate my son. I don't want him to come home, I just wanted to know he's alive and safe. I have sent him a few messages on FB and I texted his girlfriend asking her to call me. She did not even respond, and I haven't even seen him signed into FB recently. In my state, there is a website you can check to see criminal charges against someone, so I went on there and put his name in. Lo and behold, his name pops up. He was evidently charged on 8/24 with symptoms of and possession of solvents (whatever that means?) It is a misdemeanor, but he has an arraignment tomorrow at 9:30. I am not very versed in the legal system, but to me if you have an arraignment that means you're in jail, correct? I hope he is. At least then I would know he is safe and hopefully clean. Also, maybe he is on his way to getting the help we weren't able to provide. Of course, all of this is IF he is actually in jail. Now here's the real kicker: The website shows that charges were filed on 8/24, but he texted me from his girlfriends phone on 8/29. So is he not in jail, did they file charges and take a few days to catch up to him, or did he just have his girlfriend text for him? My mind is spinning in so many circles right now, but mostly I'm actually relieved if he is where I think he is.


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If it's a misdemeanor he is most probably not in jail. If he was arrested they probably set bond the next day and someone bonded him out.


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The arraignment is where they formally charge him with the crime and go from there. If jail time is a possibility they will provide him a lawyer if he cant afford one... if jail time is not a possibility they dont have to provide him a lawyer. I believe in most states arraignments are in open court, so if you wanted to you could go to court to see what happens. You may not want to do that which is fine. I have been to many court dates with my son to show him support but also to find out what was going on.
Just did research as son arrested today on 2 misdemeanors. It was on outstanding warrants. One we were previously told was cleared and then a second we didn't know about. At the arraignment he will have to plead and may receive a sentence or the case will be set for trial. My prayers are with you and your son. I am going to my son's arraignment tomorrow.