Janet...and others need info on Virginia


I had posted recently that we are moving to the Portsmouth, VA area. I am totally confused about what areas are good/ bad. Our choices for living are: Portsmouth, Newport News, VA Beach, Suffolk, Norfolk and I think maybe a few more. I have found houses that I LOVE, old historic homes in Portsmouth and Newport News. So, does anyone know anything about these areas? I have looked up the schools and they are all about the same really with exception to a few. I was thinking djanet had said she lived there at one time too. So, if yall have any info, I would really appreciate it, or any sources for finding out crime statistics, etc for an area.
thanks a bunch


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I didnt live in the area but I have been there quite a bit. I love Portsmouth and Newport News but I am not sure which one is "better". I guess it would depend which area you were in. The historic homes are absolutely adorable arent they? The river walk in Portsmouth is beautiful at night. They also have fireworks...lol.

Call the Chamber of Commerce. Or even call the family readiness leiason or however you spell that person on base. You know the person I am talking about...the person who knows about housing in the area. There is such a person on the base...lol. We called up at Quantico and they gave us info on apartment complexes and such so I am sure there is one down there.

Another idea is to simply pull up the newspapers online and read. That would give you ideas about what goes on where. Especially look at the crime blotter. Now I wouldnt get too upset about so and so was arrested for a bad check at the local safeway but if you get muggings and rapes...well that would be bad...lol.


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Tina, I live in NN. Where did you look in NN? You said beautiful old houses so I'm guessing you looked on Chesapeake Av or 16th St. and below, and Hilton Village.

Where would you or husband be working? The drive is a huge consideration.



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Terry...they are military so he will be working on base.

I dont have intimate knowledge of the exact neighborhoods in those towns like Terry may. But I do know I that it is a lovely area with tons of things to do.