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  1. Tiapet

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    Janet did you make that call today?

    I saw my GP. She added in Cymbalta as now she's updated the depression diagnosis to Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The medication is known to help with pain as well as depression and might help with the sleep issue she says. I have a pin drop of hope for that actually helping. Nothing else has so far (lyrica, neurotin,etc. - all had bad effects otherwise).

    She referred me to a psychiatrist of sorts who specializes in handling chronic pain. He has all kinds of modalities like biofeedback and such. Hopefully he will be able to help me handle all this stress and dealing with the pain and as you both know, the issues that come with facing the loss of your life the way you knew it.

    Another referral to a different Rhuematologist as the one I was seeing has decided he does not want to handle me anymore because my case has become to complex for him. I have too much going on all at once. Gee, I've heard this before. Everyone is afraid to get involved because of what is wrong (heart is a big one). This time I'm going to go to one at Duke. The last one wasn't at Duke and hence why I think this happened. Duke wouldn't have done that but then again I didn't choose him to begin with when I first arrived down here. It was a referral. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Have either of you (Janet especially) considered or gone through biofeedback? Any thoughts? I think right now I'll be glad just to have a therapist again period since the stress level has reached the top of the pile.

    Crossing my fingers for you both and sending good vibes. **sending more good vibes out to others that need them too**
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    I didnt make the call today...honestly I forgot...sigh. I had to run some errands this morning and as the day progressed I found myself coming down with a summer cold. Thanks husband! As soon as I picked oldest up from school and dropped him off at work I hit the bed and just got back up. Im waiting on Tony to get home from work now so he can make me a comfort food dinner of mac and cheese.

    I will definitely call Duke tomorrow though. In fact, I will go look up the phone numbers in a minute so I wont forget. I will leave that webpage up...lol. I have heard some good things (and bad of course) about Cymbalta. There was a nurse at my local ER who had fibro and she took it and said it helped her alot but then she didnt have bipolar too. I am scared to death to even attempt to try any of the antidepressants because every time I have even tried one I have ended up manic as hell. And mania on me is so not a good thing. Im not talking washing walls and cleaning house mania.

    I havent tried biofeedback. Right now we are starting Inner Child work. I can already hear Heather snickering in the background...lmao.
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    Tia - Did you see my post on my rheumy thread about the different medications and cardiovascular stuff? I think you should read it.

    As far as the biofeedback....I don't have any experience and I tend to be skeptical. However, difficult child's former therapist - who I loved - has fibromyalgia, depression and hypothroid and she can't tolerate any of the medications. She has severe side effects. She does biofeedback and has been very happy with the results.

    I'm sure insurance won't cover it, so it's not an option for me at this point.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes. The doctors have talked to me about Cymbalta and I tried it and...I just really like my lexapro. It's supposed to help with pain. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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    Oh, and Janet, I'm not snickering. Brat. I'm just thinking that my Inner Child is just fine the way she is. :D

    I've told you before, you're a stronger woman than I and I mean that.
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    hi! I saw this and thought I would comment.

    Many insurances DO cover biofeedback, often as part of physical therapy or a visit to a therapist.

    My mom used biofeedback maybe 20 years ago to deal with stress and some other problems (I was a kid, don't remember exactly what). She had very very good results in a short time. It might be worth a try.
  6. DammitJanet

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    I called Duke today. Rheumatology clinic is booked solid and they are not taking new patients but they told me to call back in three weeks and they would have the new schedule out. The lady on the phone told me to call on a Monday morning because that is when cancellations go in so I am going to try that. I will call in 3 weeks and then every few mondays.

    I have to have my doctor refer me to the neurology clinic and they said that doesnt have such a long waiting list so I will do that on Friday. Maybe if I get in to the neurology clinic and they want me to see the rheumy then they can get me in faster...who knows.
  7. Tiapet

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    Yes, that's the way to go! Get into Neuro. Even if "they" don't want you to see Rheumatology literally ASK them to refer you. Chances are they will and once they make the referral, you're chances of getting in are much better!
    In the meantime, keep calling on your own too. Attacking from both fronts is always a good idea.

    I was told Rhuematology is really backed up too but all it takes in 1 little string pulled and it does help. By the way, a little hint for you ;) the neurologist double as the pain clinic people too! I didn't know that for about a year. lol I thought I was only going to the pain clinic until I said I needed to set up an appointment to see the neurologist and that's when I learned I had been seeing on all along. Keep that in mind when you go. * a from me to you hint to go armed with questions or whatever for them*
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    Honestly, the Cymbalta idea just makes me cringe. I know that it is my personal take on it, but I really resent the way it's presented.

    "Do you have pain? Are you depressed? Pain is a side effect of depression. Let us treat your pain with anti-depressants."

    I don't think so! Maybe I'm a little cranky because every time I try to get help with pain caused by a chronic disease, some idiot tries to blame it on depression and won't offer me any real help! I'm a big girl and I can figure out all by myself how to ask for help with depression when I need it! I try never ever to tell a doctor whom I'm consulting regarding pain that I have a history of situational depression. They write you off the minute they look at your chart.
  9. DammitJanet

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    Witz...I know where you are coming from and I understand that. Thankfully I can head that one off at the pass because of the bipolar. I just put up my hand and say "Bipolar"...lol. If I get a confused look I tell them the AD's send me manic and they get a knowing look...lmao. I tend to go in armed to the teeth with information though about what I have tried, what side effects I have had, what I cant take, what interacts with what I am on...etc. If a doctor cant respect that I know that I am a complicated case because I have overlapping problems...well they arent the doctor for me.

    I do think that chronic pain does exacerbate depression. I know that when my pain levels are really out of control my depression is worse. And I also know that when my depression is worse, my pain is worse. One isnt causing the other but they do feed off each other. It also is completely unrealistic to expect a person who has been hit by a chronic illness not to have some depression over it. I mean good lord...who would be jumping for joy over it? I think it is normal to need some sort of help...be it medication or therapy to help deal with the changes that have happened to your life.
  10. Tiapet

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    I have been fortunate as I haven't had the diagnosis of depression until recently so they never put a thought into it. Now I have it and then added the general anxiety disorder to it the other day as well.

    I think the harder part was trying to establish something was wrong to begin with overall. There was pain but they weren't finding a whole lot for a while or even looking in the right directions. Made me think I was out of my mind or making it up. That felt awful. :(