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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    husband said his interview with the VP of HR went very well. Lasted about an hour. She said she needed to follow up with his friend who's driving this whole process. husband talked to his friend who said he needed to talk to the VP of HR about getting an offer letter drafted. He wants husband to start IMMEDIATELY -- so much for waiting until after the holidays -- he was even talking about this coming Monday! But husband pointed out it's Friday afternoon and he doesn't have an offer yet, so his friend said he could settle for waiting another week. :tongue:

    And in his typical difficult child-fashion, husband's anxiety about this was spinning, not quite out of control, but enough to get him on a very negative tear over the situation -- the drive is too long/too far, he won't get to see the kids much anymore, he won't see me much, it's going to be a lot to learn, starting all over, yadda, yadda, yadda. Change can be hard for him. Thank God he's on medications!!!

    It is so hard to sit there and listen to him rant about stuff he should really not be complaining about! I know, detach, detach, detach.

    Apparently we don't get medical coverage immediately. Something about having to wait two months, and then apply for it and wait another month for it to kick in? So I guess we stay on COBRA until it does take effect.

    So shine up those champagne glasses... get that bottle in the fridge so it can chill... we may be having a party early next week! :D
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    I need a party so please invite me. If it's a cyber party then I really only handle very expensive champagne with-o ugly side effects. ;) Fingers crossed
    that it goes well...and fast. DDD