Jumping Up and Down Doing the Happy Dance!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Mar 4, 2010.

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    You guys aren't going to believe it! I don't believe it!! But I'm soooooo happy I could just explode all over the room!!


    In Pharm today we turned in our take home test. That test was pure killer. I hate take home tests in that class. Then we took this week's exam. You know, the one I've been forcing myself to "chill" over? Studying, but refusing to panic and over study?

    I got a 90 on each test!!!! :dance::dance::dance:

    OMG that helped my grade soooooooo much!!! Whew!

    Ok, so I didn't do so hot on today's math quiz. I got a 60 percent. But one was a stupid mistake from just plain being brain dead after the main exam and the other 2 were problems that I haven't laid eyes on since last year. I wish we could get her to bulk up her tests a bit more. These 45 question test really can hurt you.

    Oh, and she had a 25 pt essay question on the main exam. Now I normally choke on essay, no matter what it is in. My brain tends to shut down. (been that way since I was a kid) I had to sit there and talk myself out of shut down mode. I knew I had to put something down my god that question was 1/3 of the test points!:surprise: Turned out I got the whole thing right and put down what I should. Another whew!

    Now if I can just not blow the last exam and the final I may make it thru the quarter yet. (fingers crossed)
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    :dance: Doing the happy dance right along with you! Way To Go Lisa!!:dance:
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    That's WONDERFUL news, Lisa! I'm jumping up and down right along with you! You must be soooo relieved!

    Last night I had just read the title of your thread and just as I went to click on it ... the Board went down again!!!!!! I tried and tried and couldn't get back on again!! So I went the rest of the night wondering just what made you happy enough to be jumping up and down ... I was thinking, "Maybe she won the lottery?"
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    :bravo: :beautifulthing:
    Congratulations Lisa! That's wonderful.
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    Excellent! You can do it!!! You just proved it to yourself! So stop worrying so much and be confident in your ability.
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    Good news............... when it comes time to fill out the class survey (they do have class surveys, don't they?) recommend strongly that the instructor suggests the flash cards for help studying............. it is non threatenting to her and may help the next group coming in........... sorry you had to learn the hard way..................... praying for continued success in pharmacy.......................
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    Way To Go Lisa!
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