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    Hello all! I am a mom of two wonderful boys. One, Shay (7), was dignosised with ADHD combined type a little more than a year ago. We moved him into a school that had a program for children with behavior problems. He was doing great that first year (first grade). Then right before they started second grade he got a new teacher for the behavior classroom. He has not been doing so well now. He has gone back to running out of the classroom, throwing fits that last up to 1-2 hours, refusing to do his work, I am sure you all have heard it all etc... I am at my wits in and we have tried everything besides medications. So now I have an appoinment and we will start some medications. He is falling behind in school because he is so impulsive. He doesn't know how to control himself. Most of our problems are at school, but it still stresses me out. I figured all these wonderful people on this board might be able to make me feel like I am not alone. Well that is my story :smile: My younger one is 3 and he has a big speech delay due to ear infections the first year of his life. I don't think he will have ADHD. We shall see as time goes on.

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    Hi, and welcome. Have a few ??? for you so we can help more. You may want to do a signature, like I have below.
    1/ Which type of professional gave your child the ADHD diagnosis?
    2/ Which behaviors are you seeing? Rages that go on for that long are not normally stand alone ADHD.
    3/ medications?
    4/ How was his early development. Did he have any speech or motor delays? Trouble interacting with peers? Poor eye contact? Difficulty transitioning from one activity to another? Sensory issues (not liking certain fabrics or covering ears for too much noise or spitting out foods of certain texture). Does he like to cuddle or will he only hug on his terms or does he seem stiff?
    5/ Has he ever had a complete evaluation by a neuropsychologist?
    6/ Any psychiatric disorders or substance abuse or neurological disorders on either side of the family tree?
    Others will be along too. Weekends can be a little slow.
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    Okay well lets see...

    1. My son was diagnosis by a Neuro psychiatric.
    2. Within the ADHD we see more of the impulsive behaivors. He doesn't "rage" for two hours, those last about 10-30 mins max, he can calm down much faster. He goes from 0-10 in behaivor in less than a sec. And he can come down from 10 just as fast. What lasts two hours may be his refual to do work. He thinks its too hard and he can't do it. So they usually keep him after school to complete the work. I am not sure if this is really what he might want because it is one on one. He does have an aid that goes with him to his primary classroom but he told me she only helps him with one question and leaves. He gets frustrated easily and I think he really can't physically control that frustration so he acts out but hitting! or running out of the class.

    3. Right now he is not on any medications. I am looking into that because we have tried everything. Its been 15 months since he was diagnosis.

    4. His early development was normal. He did have lots of ear infections and they did not get tubes in his ears till he was 3 years old. I took him to see a speech therapy at 4 years old but they told me he did not need it. Moved to a new state had him tested at age 5 and they told me he needed speech therapy. All the problems started in Kindergarden. He was actually a great kid till he turned 4, there was no terrible twos only terrible 4's for him. He does LOVE to cuddle and will take a hug from anyone. He does have some sensory issues, mostly food items. He will not eat anything new! Its the same, usually will not eat much meats. He does not like hamburgers, I thought every kid did but not him. He did cover his ears when he thought things were too loud, he still does sometimes but not as much as he used too.

    5. He was diagnosis by a Neuro Phys, a few visits, we got a full report with a lot of testing.

    6. I do not have any of this on my side of the family and my hubbys has one cousin with autiusm. I think my hubby has ADHD but he does not agree...lol

    I hope this helps thanks again!

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    Hi Jere.
    You're lucky he doesn't rage for very long. Wow, 30 min. max? H*ll for those 30 min., I'm sure, but oh, what I wouldn't have done to have achieved that 3 yrs ago.
    When he says the work is too hard and he can't finish it, that really sounds like my son, who is ADHD. We've had very good luck with-Adderal. We got lucky the very first day!
    There seems to be a genetic component so it doesn't surprise me that your husband may have it. We have a lawyer friend who is probably ADHD but he's very into karate, and his court cases, so the only hard part for us is getting him to sit still at dinner! He changes the subject umpteem gazillion times and it can be rude. Luckily, he's smart and interesting, which is what saves him, LOL!
    Good luck and welcome.
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    Just popping in to say hi and welcome-glad you found us. You will find much support here.
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    It is the very, very rare instance that an ADHDer doesn't have at least one coexisting condition.

    If your child has sensory issues, you may want to strongly consider an evaluation via a pediatric Occupational Therapist with-a subspecialty in Sensory Integration Disorder.

    Because of the ear infections, just a heads-up and something you may want to be on the lookout for is Auditory Processing Disorder (Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) aka Central Auditory Processing Disorder). Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) "looks" a lot like ADHD and they can coexist. A child can be born with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) (genetic), can acquire it via ear infections, etc.

    Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) doesn't impact hearing so a hearing test will not discover it. "Screens" won't do either. Diagnosing it requires an audiologist with-expertise in APDs. (There's more than one type.)

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    Oh he had been diagnosis with Auditory Porocessing Disorder first. Then we took it a littler further because we were not seeing improvements in his behavior. I think he has grown out of the Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). He had seen a Occupational Therapist (OT) and ST for about 2 years now and they both think he is ready to be processed out. They are currently testing him to see if they can get him out of those programs. I don't know if you can grow out of the Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) but those skills do seem like they are doing better. He does still do what they call tremors, when he is overly excited. He opens his mouth and puts his arms up by his head and just shakes a bit. We saw a peds neuro doctor for this and he said its nothing. He will grow out of it or learn how to control it. The other kids don't say anything so I feel like for now I am okay with it. Sometimes I think he might have ODD but I think its just me. I am pretty sure he does not. I have been told by everyone that he is such a sweet kid but he just flys off the handle so quickly they have a hard time finding out what it is. We still have no clue what his trigers are. the days can be excatly the same but on Tuesday he can just throw a fit! Anyone else like that?