Just checking in


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We've had a few rough moments, but that's all they have been, moments...they have blown over nearly as quickly as they came up. He's getting better about asking if he can cook or heat something up before diving in and grabbing it. He doesn't always, but more than he used to. And yesterday he went to the grocery store and came back with a pie and a cake and rice for our New Years Dinner. He spent the night because he didn't have a way to get home, and today before he left he folded up the blanket he used and put it and the pillow in the alcove where we keep the extra bedding. I'm grateful for every moment of improvement, even if they are followed by two or three moments of backsliding. I must say, his job at Pizza Hut, although part time, has really done a lot to improve his outlook and attitude (for the most part). I can only imagine what he would be like if he could find a fulltime job, especially one with benefits. But it's pointless looking that far ahead. For now he's doing, if not great, much better. And since he's a server, he always has some money in his pocket the days he works. I don't ask him what he's doing with it...saving, spending (and on what)...that's his business and if he wants to share his finances and/or ask for advice, he will. As long as he's not asking us for money (which he isn't of late) I don't need to know unless he wants me to.