Just don't understand this.

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    The public school my difficult child goes to wants to suspend him for not doing his homework or in class school work. I honestly don't see how that reinforces doing school\homework when he just doesn't give a dang. They want to send him home until it's all completed.

    Yeah, complete your homework and you get to come back to school but to him it's a vacation and he misses out on lessons at school where he falls behind in the rest of the school work so he can be more than what he's already behind in?

    Not seeing the logic in their thought processes nor the idea behind this "punishment" at all. Put him more behind to make him comply...right...that's logical. :mad:
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    Wow, that doesn't make any sense at all! I'm sorry :( Can you get a hold of an advocate in your area to go to an IEP meeting with you?
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    I agree. I've always had a problem with out-of-school suspensions. I'd prefer they make them stay at school and do custodial work or something. I would so sign a release to let them make difficult child clean toilets.
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    I have never understood out of school suspensions even from back in my day. It just seems like a reward for bad behavior. Misbehave and get to go home and watch tv! Sounds like a great thing to me...lol.

    I will never forget (and neither will my son!) the time one idiotic principal tried to spank my son - he was in 5th grade. Well, it was hard to spank Cory because he did this dance where you had to hold one arm and he flapped and flailed around so much you basically prayed you got some part of his body...lol. So the principal was frustrated and told him he couldnt come back to school until he "was ready to get spanked". He gave this letter to Cory and sent him home on the bus! LOL.

    Now do you think Cory gave us that letter? Of course not! We had no clue the little bugger was suspended. Off he went to school each day on the bus and he would just disappear into the woods behind the school until it was time for the buses in the afternoon and he would come home. This went on for over a week when someone finally decided to call me and ask why we hadnt brought him in for his spanking. I was like...HUH?

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    Spoke to his worker at the services center and she said I'm doing everything I should do by telling the school that suspending him is an unacceptable "punishment" and that I will file an appeal if I have to and make a complaint to the school board and trustee. She also said that he now is lined up for a counselor and she will be calling me soon. I've lined myself up with adult counselling too to work through my own needs and issues so that I can be better equipped to help him. Turns out my 6 yr old may also be ADD, the same school is going to hold him back for the year (which I agree with because he has made no progression since SK at all in any academics across the board). They are talking about putting him on a better IEP and into the Special Education classes instead (why aren't they doing this for Big B too?).

    Paper work is signed for the psychiatric team at the school to test and evaluate. I will be asking for an IEP team meeting for Big B in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully this will lead to better things for my little man.
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    You happened to get a good teacher or staff member for BooBoo. You will have to push for it for Big B now.

    I would latch on to whomever recommended the IEP for BooBoo. You might be able to utilize this person for Big B, too.
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    Actually BooBoo is my 3 yr old but Brayden is th 6 year old (Braydzilla) but yes you are right, I will be pushing it and did mention it with the reading program teacher. She says with family history that is there, Braydzilla's issues make a lot more sense to her now. She was, at first, afraid to hurt my feelings and I told her I've been through heck and back already - been through the assessments with two other kids - nothing hurts either my feelings or pride when it comes to telling it like it is because being honest about it is only going to help the child with coping skills and get the needs met. If it takes the Special Education classes and being held back and extra help outside the school then by all means I am an advocate for it.

    I gave my verbal consent and the teacher will be drawing up the paper work for my written consent and talking to the Special Education teacher for my 6 yr old and my 9 yr old (I requested it).
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    I don't understand why the consequences for not doing HW can't just be getting the grades you earn on the tests?

    I have been fighting this battle for years. The most recent incarnation is 10th grader. I got a call last semester from his English teacher that he hadn't been doing HW or in-class work and he was going to fail the test on the book they were reading the next day. He got a 96. Ditto for the next 3 books they read. No HW, very little in-class and A+ on all tests. Although he had terrific grades on all tests, he got a D because he didn't do HW. My argument is if he shows that he knows the work in the tests, then is the HW anything other than busy work? especially since i have been told that the purpose of HW is to allow kids who don't test well to bring up their grades, yet they use it to punish kids who know the work.

    Hold your ground on the suspensions. My deal with the school was that as long as he was not disrupting the class, he would remain there even if he did nothing. If other kids asked why difficult child was not doing the work, the teacher could say that it would show in his grade and they should do their work and worry about their own grades.
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    Wow-That is unreasonable. It would never fly in our district. They really try to keep suspensions, for the most part, down, especially in elementary schol.
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    I have some updates:

    Principal called me back peddling the "suspension" threat to Big B for his work. Applauded me on keeping on top of him (I always do tyvm principal but I'm not going to force a 9 yr old to sit there for 6 hrs doing "busy work"). I just signed paperwork for an IPRC meeting and an IEP meeting. Getting the psychiatric report from SK hospital on Monday or Tuesday which I will forward a photocopy to the school for his records and IEP\IPRC. He has a counselor, F called me yesterday and kindly spent an hour on the phone with me. I see her the 21st to do all the paperwork with her and set up Big B's first appointment with her. We discussed respiradol and clonopin. She gave me phone number for adult counselling which I want to start for myself.

    So things are moving now, I guess my letter to the principal "scared her into compliance" like she supposedly was trying to do with Big B with the threat of suspension. Even that doesn't compute because you can't just "threaten" something of a punishment and not follow through with it - it tells a child that the adult will let them get away sans consequences anyway. Logic, this school doesn't have it.
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    Way to go WARRIOR MOM!