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    I have learned my little difficult child has a girlfriend. They had sex recently. The girlfriend's mom walked in on them but didn't care. No problem about pregnancy because the girlfriend told him she couldn't get pregnant.

    The girlfriend was arrested recently for underage drinking. My difficult child went to get her mother to bail her out. Mom couldn't drive because mom was too drunk. Oh eyah, and mom thinks they should get married.

    difficult child went over there today before I learned all this. I brought his tail home immediately. He says he is going to see the girlfriend's brother but it is all an act.

    In fairness, this is what I was told from someone who heard it from him. I have no direct proof other than he calls the girlfriend's cell and not her brother's who is supposed to be his friend and he came home with the girlfriend's writing on his inner upper arm (all about how she loves him.)

    The list of places where he isn't allowed keeps getting longer.

    Do you think he should have any access to a car for any reason? A cell?

    My sister thinks I should take everything away. Make him ride the bus. When gradses are up, he does chores, is respectful, then he gets them back. Not discuss details with him.

    Remember he is 17 and threatening to run away.