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  1. Just another day in paradise.... again we make it until lunch-time and the raging starts. I have a 4 yr old with the strength of a 14 year old.... oh what to look forward to. He has thrown anything he can get his hands on, broke anything in his way that is breakable (very few things that are breakable left) and punched/kicked/bit me the entire time. Into his room he goes... atleast now it's his own stuff he is distroying. Oh I just need to write this down just to save another screaming fit... if i'm here typing i'm not fighting with him. Who do i talk to??? My hubby who will in turn just get mad at him making the situation worse.... grandparents that either tell me I am too strict or too easy on him or all the others who just can't believe that sweet little kid that they met on a few occasions could really be like that. Waiting on the neighbours to again say something as my son is screaming out the window that I am killing him (thank god most of my neighbours are aware of the ADHD). OMG really how are we just suppose to handle it... I am going CRAZY....... Usually I have saturdays as my break but not this weekend hubby is working some overtime.... grrrrrr.
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    Have you read "The Explosive Child"? If not, I highly recommend it!
  3. Yes just recently got it and having been reading it.... wish I could say it has worked as well for us as it has seemed to for others :(
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    What triggers the rages? Looks like you are on the path to evaluation, do you have any thoughts on possible diagnoses?
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    I'm sorry things are so frustrating right now. The violence is so difficult to deal with and I'm sorry your husband isn't more helpful. I hope your day yesterday got better. What started the raging yesterday?